Yard Sale Earnings and Tips


yardsale.jpgI am almost embarrassed to post this, but I’m going to anyway since I’ve been talking about it since June.  We had our yard sale on Saturday. Two people stopped, and we sold $7.40 worth of stuff we had for sale. $7.40. That is not worth the time it took to price it! I guess I’m looking at this as a learning experience. Maybe I had it too late in the season, maybe the advertising wasn’t there, and maybe my presentation wasn’t the best. Regardless, I think that in the future I’ll sell large ticket items on craigslist or ebay, and then the little things I’ll just donate to Goodwill.

I feel so much better after dropping all that stuff off. I have adapted this mantra that “less is more”. I’ve been going through things at home decluttering and cleaning and making myself feel better about the things we do have. I am tired of having items take up space that we rarely use or don’t need. I feel that time is money and space is money too, so by decluttering I’m saving money! I won’t spend as much time cleaning and I’ll have more space in my house to live!

I think that next time we have a yard sale I’ll plan ahead, have it early in the year or at least in the summer, and invite a few friends to participate.  I think that the more people involved and the larger the sale looks, the more people will stop.  Also, next time I will advertise in the paper instead of just on craigslist.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t.  I’m happy that I am rid of the “things”!

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