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Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival! The Yakezie is a group of bloggers that are working together to help improve their blogs. Here is a list of posts from members’ sites:

A special thanks to Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again for helping me with the links!

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Day 34- The Big Plan- We’re Moving to Asia @ 151 Days Off

Budgeting and Saving for Vacations @ 20s Money

Reduce Stress – Get Rid of Dysfunctional Money Behaviors Part 3 @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Your Take: Completely Useless in Financial Life @ Bargaineering

Could You Give it All Away? @ Beating Broke

Faithfully Rich @ Bible Debt

My Paycheck is Smaller: Health Insurance Saga @ Bucksome Boomer

We Just Paid off our Car Loan! @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Calculating Fuel Economy @ Canadian Finance Blog

Car Buying Advice- Don’t be a Statistic! @ Car Negotiation Coach

Money Isn’t Good or Evil @ Christian Common Cents

Trials and Tribulations of Car Buying @ CJ Bowker

Does Name Brand Life Insurance Matter? @ Clarifiancial

Complete Joy @ College for 10k

Speak to the Future @ Conquering PF

How to Trade Stocks Online Cheaply @ Consumer Boomer

The New Financial Regulation Law and Your Money @ Consumerism Commentary

Money Saving Secrets for Super Savers @ Cool to Be Frugal

Money Smart Life Interview @ Couple Money

Who Has the Best Credit Card Customer Service? @ Credit Card Chaser

In Defense of Teachers @ Darwin’s Money

BGU July 18, 2010 @ Digging Out From Our Mess

The Debt Destroyer Financial Reality Check @ Deliver Away Debt

Walking in the Rain @ Early Retirement Extreme

5S in Action- Organize and Simplify @ Eliminate the Muda

What to Do if you Owe Taxes to the IRS @ Engineer your Finances

Why I am Obsessed with Change @ Eventual Millionaire

Can Being Off Schedule Affect Your Mood? @ Everyday Tips and Thoughts

The Corporation @ Evolution of Wealth

An Inside Look at the Yakezie @ Financial Samurai

The Phillips Curve and You @ Financially Digital

The Path to Financial Freedom: Get Your Mind in the Game @ Financially Poor

Why I Spent $2,000 on an Airplane Ticket @ Foreigner’s Finances

Types of Mortgage Loans @ Free From Broke

Frugal Confessions Friday @ Frugal Confessions

Cheapest Countries 2010 @ Frugal Zeitgeist

Figuring Out How to Work Smarter @ Funny About Money

Planning Christmas- How Early is too Early? @ Girl With the Red Balloon

Household Supplies Worth Spending Money On @ Inexpensively

Breaking Free of the Cage: Escaping the Rat Race @ Invest it Wisely

7 Best Tips for Building Wealth- Tip 4 @ Learn Save Invest

Newlywed Financial Bliss Box @ Little House in the Valley

The 6 Most Valuable Grocery Store Products @ Len Penzo

Free Pedometer from Nature’s Bounty @ Maximizing Money

Do You Have the Perfect Life? @ Miss Thrifty

Beware the Lure of the Exotic @ Monevator

Do Any of us Have a Chance in the Stock Market? @ Money Beagle

5 Reasons to Avoid American Express Blue Cash @ Nerd Wallet

How to Increase your Credit Score Above 800 @ Money Green Life

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness for Ministers and Non Profit Workers @ Money Help for Christians

Snowflakes in Arizona- I paid off THREE Credit Cards! @ Out of Debt Again

Goldman Sachs Settles for 550 Million @ Money Reasons

I Spent it All @ Money Crush

Everything Happens for a Reason @ My Financial Objectives

Why Teachers Anger Me @ My Journey to Millions

5 Key Rules of the Roth IRA in 2010 @ My Money Minute

Check your Credit Report @ Narrow Bridge

4 Compelling Reasons to Use Online Bill Pay @ Not Made of Money

Ask Dave Ramsey iPhone Application

5 Steps to Improve your Family’s Nutrition Parenting Family Money

Save More – Looking for Places to Cut Back @ Peak Personal Finance

House Flip @ Personal Finance by the Book

Instinct, Choice and Outside Influence @ PF Firewall

Rank My Banks @ Personal Finance Journey

Multitasking Doesn’t Work @ Planting Dollars

Are you a debt H8er? @ Punch Debt in the Face

2010 Is a Good Year To Die — If You’re Rich @ Rainy Day Saver

An Opportunity For Missional Living in Our Own Backyard @ Redeeming Riches

Gold Priced in US Dollars (USD) – July 2010 Update @ Retirement Investing Today

7 Things I Learned Watching Honeymooners Re-runs @ Saving Money Today

How Can I Pay Less For This? @ Single Guy Money

Optimism, Pessimism and Realism @ Single Mom, Rich Mom

Keep It Simple Stupid: Sometimes We Make Things Too Complex @ Smart On Money

Squirreling Gone Wild #11 – Putting on an Act to Save Money @ Squirrelers

Prioritizing Goals? @ Sustainable Life Blog

Banks Do Hard Credit Inquiries On Checking Accounts @ Sweating the Big Stuff

Jobs I Would Do For Free @ The Amateur Financier

Credit Scores and Credit Reports: What, why and where? @ The Centsible Life

Identity Theft – By Your Kid? @ The Millionaire Nurse Blog

Hall Closet and Master Closet, Organized @ The Saved Quarter

Is That Cell Phone Necessary? @ Wealth Artisan

Are the Rich Walking Away From Million Dollar Mortgages? @ Watson Inc.

When To Review Your Living Trust @ Wealth Pilgrim

Buy New Car vs. Keep Old Car @ Well-Heeled Blog

Don’t Succumb to Lifestyle Inflation @ Young and Thrifty

Track Your Personal Expenses with Microsoft Excel @ Zordane.com

Save on Groceries with Non-Profit Food Networks @ Tight Fisted Miser

Why Kids Should Not Get Allowances @ Financial Bondage

Should You Move to Look for a New Job? by Miranda @ Personal Dividends

Comfortable Tent Camping @ Wealth Informatics

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  1. Funny about Money says:

    Thanks for including me in this great round-up! Nice job.

    😉 In my dotage here, I don’t recall submitting this post to an official Yakezie carnival, because this week it went to the Carnival of Personal Finance, which strictly prohibits submitting the same post to another carnival. But I do appreciate the link love.


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