Why It’s Frugal to Live in California


Behind The Hollywood Sign
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This is part of a series here at Ultimate Money Blog. I’m going to be featuring fun money facts about all 50 states in America and why it is frugal to live in that particular state. Here are the states we’ve covered so far:

Why is is frugal to live in California? It’s not! Just kidding- certainly there are reasons it is frugal to live in California. Let’s find out why.

-California has a range of vast outdoor activities; in fact you can swim, ski, and hike all in the same state! How cool is that?

-If you’re obsessed with celebrities and your favorite past time is stalking celebrity houses, you can drive around Los Angeles and have entertainment for just the cost of gas.

-The price of real estate in California has dropped significantly in the past couple years.  It’s still not cheap by any means, but it’s much more affordable than it has been in the past.

-The weather in California is pretty mild all year round.  In the lower part of the state, you probably won’t experience cold weather, so that means a lower electric bill!

Golden Gate Bridge
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-California is a tourist destination.  If you’re a California resident, you can be a tourist in your own state.  You could visit the Golden Gate bridge, Bubblegum alley, Lake Tahoe, or even Angora Lake.  If you’re feeling less frugal, you could visit Knott’s Berry Farm, Disney Land, or Six Flags.

-If you’re into technology or acting, California would be the place to seek unemployment.

-Depending on where you live in California, public transportation may be a viable option.  You can choose from light rail, subway, and intercity bus transportation.

Hmmm... what are the odds?
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-You have a higher chance at winning the lottery.  In Baker, CA The Country Store has sold more winning California State Lottery tickets in the state than any other establishment.

-California is the most populous state.  If you’re single, this would be a fabulous place to find a mate.

– If you like painting, you could be employed as a Golden Gate Bridge painter.  The bridge is so big that painters paint the bridge year round.  By the time they get finished, they have to start all over again at the other end.

Do you have any other ideas on why it’s frugal to live in California?  Would you consider moving there?

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11 thoughts on “Why It’s Frugal to Live in California

  1. Forest says:

    Great series starting here, RT-ing now…. I think you can make a frugal life in any state really… The more you detach yourself from the grid the more you are apt to survive well anywhere (theoretically).


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Forest- Thanks! I agree with you. 🙂


  2. Simple in France says:

    I’m a California native! It’s true that there are many opportunities for free or frugal entertainment and for meeting folks, although the cost of living can be wicked at times–even with lower housing prices.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Simple in France- Oh I can imagine. I would freak out about the housing prices if I had to move to CA.


  3. Little House says:

    Well, I live in California and you mentioned some great benefits to living here. However, cost is not one of them! 😉 I live in Los Angeles, so I am probably just a wee bit jaded. I guess if I moved up north to a smaller town, prices wouldn’t seem so exaggerated, like everything else in LA. So, if anyone is seriously thinking about California, research some of the smaller, less populated towns a few hundred miles from the big three: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. I love this series!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Little House- LOL I know. I knew I would have a hard time with California. 😉 Thanks for the kind comment!


  4. Catherine says:

    It’s growing season most of the year in California, so I think that you could take advantage of farmers markets for a longer period of time – fresh fruits and veggies locally grown right at your finger tips!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Catherine- Of course! I can’t believe I forgot this. 😉


  5. Jen says:

    Besides, it just plain rocks to live here. Golden gate bridge in my backyard, stinson beach in my side yard, wine country & the other side yard & Tahoe just past that. Somethings are worth the money. You couldn’t pay me enough to move away.


  6. mo says:

    i live in california i moved here 2 years ago. i visited many place around the world california is great. i live in OC the weather is awsome the girls are beutiful the people are nice if you are financially well this is the calii is the place to be


  7. Carolyn says:

    I live in Sacramento and grow most of my own vegetables — organically. It’s winter now and I’m picking lettuce, chard, spinach, carrots, beets, chives and kale from my back yard. Snow peas are knee-high — they’ll be ready to pick in a month.
    My Meyer Lemon produces sweet lemons to last most of the year. I go to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday and bring home things I don’t grow: walnuts and almonds, Asian fruit and vegetables, asparagus; apples and pears if an organic grower shows up. Oranges and tangerines are big sellers in February.


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