Why I Should be Amish


I have a slight obsession with the Amish. There’s something about their simple style of living that just makes my heart sing.  There are numerous times I’ve thought about finding some Amish people in my area and asking them if I could shadow them for a weekend to see if I could live Amish.  I don’t think they would appreciate that too much, though! 😉

Why I love the Amish way of living

-It’s based on family and community.  Many Amish farmers live very close to each other, often helping each other raise crops and tend to animals.  I like the idea of being neighborly.

-They don’t normally use electricity and many modern conveniences, making their carbon footprint lighter.  Personally I could do without the tv, but without computer and internet? I don’t think I could make it very long.

-They believe in paying cash for everything.  They don’t rely on credit, so if they can’t afford something, they don’t buy it.

-Amish people cook a lot from scratch and use wholesome ingredients, many times with ingredients they’ve grown themselves.

-They drive horses and buggies, which is cool and doesn’t use gas (although it emits gas).

I think I’d probably do pretty well being Amish (minus the internet- I’d miss it terribly!).

Do you think you could live like the Amish?  What would you miss?

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11 thoughts on “Why I Should be Amish

  1. Mrs. Micah says:

    Try going Beachy Amish or Mennonite. Mennonites can have internet. We don’t have to dress plain either. Of course, it’s not quite the same, but the communities have a lot of underlying values in common.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mrs. Micah- OOH! I love this. I need to look into this more!


    Paul Williams Reply:

    Mrs. Micah – are you a Mennonite?! I’m a Mennonite, and it’d be cool to know there’s another Mennonite PF blogger out there. 🙂


  2. Becky R says:

    I love the idea of joining a community like this as well. But I think I would really miss my computer and cell phone.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Becky R- I agree; community living is such a great idea!


  3. Abigail says:

    I guess I see the “first-glance” appeal of it all but… Have you really thought about the implications of fewer modern conveniences? It’s not just TV here. We’re talking no electricity. Want to read beyond sunset? You’re looking at candlelight. Want to cook dinner? Hope you’re good without a stove.

    I don’t know how many conveniences Amish people have accepted — I know, for example, that some of the tradesmen have phones because they need to be reachable for their business. But they have to be a certain distance away from the house.

    Then again, depending on how self-sufficient/strict a community was, you could also be looking at churning your own butter. I have a hard enough time with the idea of making my own jelly (especially when my mom is industrious enough to supply us with plenty!) without the idea of doing it without a stove. Eesh.

    Or maybe I’m woefully misinformed, but I vote for Mrs. Micah’s idea. I have heard that Mennonites have very good, cohesive communities. And you can still dress up if you like, which I imagine would be nice indeed.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Abigail- My friends joke that I am halfway there. 😉 It’s funny- I made my own butter the other day, but only because I had some cream going bad. I agree- the Mennonite idea sounds great!


  4. Amish America says:

    Nice post and some good points. I think your admiration of the Amish is one shared by a lot of people. There are of course pluses and minuses to Amish life, and Amish usually say that if you’re aren’t born into the culture, it’s very hard to adopt (for obvious reasons). That said there are a small handful of people today that have successfully joined and remained with an Old Order Amish church. Cheers, Erik


  5. LivingOurWay says:

    I just read on of Beverly Lewis’s books for the first time this weekend (I’m looking forward to reading more!). I have been doing a little research because my ancestors appear to have been Brethren which is another denomination of the Anabaptists. I love reading about the Amish and I agree, I think I could do it! I may even be able to accept the knowledge that I was going to die with out medical care….if something happened to one of my children though…I’m not sure I could accept them dying without trying medical care if it was their last hope.


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