Why an Emergency Fund is Nice


So. On Monday Mr. Money wanted to take my car to work because he needed to haul something for a catering.  I took his car to work, and a few miles away from the branch, the radio turns off.  Fine, I think, I can live without the radio.  I drive about a mile further and the gauges go out.  Well, I hope I don’t get pulled over, I think.  The car starts shaking back and forth and I think Ohhhh crap.

The car dies in the middle of the left hand turn lane.  I start freaking out because all these people are honking at me (despite my emergency flashers being on) so I call Mr. Money (with my almost dead cell phone) and tell him that THE CAR DIED AND I’M SCARED and he says he will come help.  I get out of the car and look at it, as if that will do anything to get it started again.

After two more lights and more honking, a nice gentleman yells out his window, asking me if I’m okay. I tell him the car died, and he offers to push me to the side of the road.  I take up his offer, he pushes me to the side of the road, and I wait in the scorching heat for my husband.  He shows up a little while later, tries to jump the car, and no dice.  We call our favorite mechanic to come tow us and fix the car.  The alternator was bad, got replaced, and the damage was $400.  Thankfully, the car was fixed the same day so I got a ride to the mechanic’s after work and picked up the car.

Yesterday I got home from work and went into the backyard to check on the garden.  I was looking at the green beans when I heard an airplane landing in our side yard.  I went to check it out and realized that it was our air conditioning unit.  Awesome.  I come inside, turn off the A/C, and then realize that I just may melt because the heat index is over 100.

Mr. Money came home from work, went out to look at the unit, and realized that the fan is missing a blade.  He calls to get someone to come take a look at it and they tell him that if it’s just the fan, it’s probably going to be around $300.  If it’s not that, it’s going to be more.  Plus the $80 service call fee.  Awesome.  Did I mention that our air conditioning unit is ancient?  I’m crossing my fingers that it is easily (and inexpensively) fixable.  We’ll find out tonight.

I was talking to my mom and she said that be prepared, because bad things happen in threes.  Gee, thanks mom.

At least we have an emergency fund? (Until it gets sucked dry)

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12 thoughts on “Why an Emergency Fund is Nice

  1. Jenny says:

    I would’ve freaked out if that had happened to me in the car. I hate it when people honk like that when someone obviously isn’t doing whatever it is on purpose! Sorry all that happened to you at once! We definitely need to work on our emergency fund…


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Jenny- I am glad we have a little money set aside. 🙂 I don’t know what we are going to do about the AC though. 🙁


  2. Evan says:

    Hmmmm did the husband at least joke that you were the one driving when it died?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Evan- LOL no he didn’t. I would have been a little mad if he did that. 😉


  3. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff says:

    I hate car problems. Sorry you had some. I got to replace $350 tires and pay another $125 vet bill this week (to go with the other $1500 we’ve shelled out in 6 months). I feel your pain.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    BITFS- Don’t you hate that? It seems like everything happens at once. I hope that’s it for you!


  4. Mrs. Accountability says:

    I’m glad you have your emergency fund!! I really don’t have one yet because I have money earmarked for other things. However, if an emergency were to come up, we could use the earmarked money, then make it up later. I hope you get your A/C fixed soon. When ours had to be replaced last year we had to put window units in for a few days. That was fun to buy them and only use them for a few days. But thankfully my mom bought them from us this year to put into her bedrooms. She uses an evaporative cooler most of the year. I hope your third thing never lands.


  5. Mrs. Not Made of Money says:

    I hope you get your A/C fixed soon. Bummer!

    I also hope your third thing doesn’t materialize. We’ve gone through similar situations where it seems like everything breaks down at the same time. Since our house is nearly 10 years old, we’ve increased the emergency fund quite a bit because we expect to be needing to repair/replace items soon.


  6. Little House says:

    Argh! Is all I can say. However, a nice ER fund is exactly for these kinds of repairs. However, your mom has a point, bad things usually do happen in 3’s. But maybe that third thing will be something really minor and inexpensive! I’ll cross my fingers for ya’.


  7. H Lee D says:

    When we bought our house, our AC was living on borrowed time, as was our garage door. We took a chunk of money from selling my condo and put it in a high-yield savings and saved it for nothing other than a new AC and a new garage door. So when they both died, it was inconvenient but not financially stressful at all. *whew*


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