When it Rains, It Pours

Posted by Mrs Money on March 18th, 2011


We made a “fun” discovery this winter when it rained pretty heavily: we had a leak somewhere in the roof. I had a roofer come out and he determined that it was the attic window that was cracked and the caulking around the window needed to be redone. He said he could replace the plexiglass window for me for $75, or we could go to the hardware store and ask them to cut a piece of plexiglass and then install it ourselves. I told him we’d do that. Over a month later it’s still not done. Big surprise. What happened was we started debating whether or not to just go ahead and replace that window with a real window that slides shut so that it’s stronger and more energy efficient.

That led to the fact that we have one more attic window that could stand to be replaced, as well as three windows on one part of the house that need to be replaced eventually as well. Of course I’m debating whether or not we just replace the attic windows that need to be and then wait to replace the other three. The windows aren’t horrible but they are older and I know they aren’t nearly as energy efficient as they could be. So now it boils down to: which windows do we replace, all of them, or just the ones that are in dire need?

Then, this morning I was making tea and the burner started sparking and I was scared it was going to catch on fire. Mr. Money assured me it wouldn’t, but it still made me nervous. The stove has been slowly dying since we bought the house 4 years ago. I’d be totally fine with replacing it with a stainless steel electric range, but Mr. Money wants gas (as he’s a chef and it’s important to him) but we’d have to have a gas line run to the stove, so that would be an extra cost.

And also my car needs new tires soon. It seems like everything is happening at once! It’s hard to decide whether or not to just go ahead and do everything at once, or spread it out. This is the reason we save money because there are always going to be expenses like this. I’m very thankful we have some money saved so it won’t be such a financial blow. It just seems like when it rains, it pours (literally).

Does it seem like everything happens to you at once?

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13 Responses to “When it Rains, It Pours”

  1. Johnny Debt says:

    The one thing that you really can guarantee is that one big problem usually follows another.

    Having a car is really a massive drain!!

    Houses are expensive too, but at least they usually go up in value.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Johnny- I know! I’d love to live in a super small house on a lot of acreage and farm. That would be awesome.


  2. Becky R says:

    I would get a quiote to have all the windows done then decide. If you are in uSA you will get a tax rebate for putting in newer energy effiecient windows, so that is a plus.


  3. Becky R says:

    I typed that without checking, so sorry about the spelling


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Becky- I didn’t even think about that! Thanks for mentioning it.


  4. I wonder where the heck my leak is coming from too. Hmmmm… I’m just hoping it goes away! 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Financial Samurai- Uhh I did that for awhile. And then I decided I’d better get it taken care of. haha!


  5. It never, EVER fails!

    Around my house, there’s a corollary: When an unexpected series of expenses arises, it always happens after you’ve splurged on something early in a budget cycle. Buy $200 worth of clothing on the 2nd day of the month; a week later the car craps out. Guaranteed.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Funny about Money- Haha isn’t that the truth?


  6. Nasubi77 says:

    That is so true! We are adding on to our house and the roof is leaking where the house transitions from the old part to the new part. We’ve been putting all kinds of money into that, when my hubby got laid off! Now all of a sudden, I need new tires, we have a dog that needs vetting, our kitchen floor is being torn up (thanks to said dog), and the *#&$ roof is STILL leaking!


  7. Jessica07 says:

    You poor dear. 🙁


  8. carol says:

    i agree-get some quotes.
    my husband and i are first-time homeowners, and even though we are pretty handy, we’ll pay to have someone do it the first time. we watch them like a hawk and ask a lot of questions so we can see if we can do it later ourselves.
    and oh boy is it easy to spend spend spend when it comes to homes and cars!



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