What’s happening to my Wamu credit card?


cc.jpgAwhile back, I sang the praises of my Providian/ Wamu credit card. I loved that credit card because it tracked my FICO score for free for me.  That was pretty much the only other reason I kept that card, besides the fact that I’ve had it the longest out of any of the cards that I have open now.  Since Wamu went under, I am wondering what’s going to happen to my credit card.

I’m hoping that Chase will take it over and leave me with my FICO score tracking.  I figure that will happen, or I’ll be transferred over to a Chase credit card and get some of the benefits they offer.  The other day a customer was telling me about all the benefits they receive from their Chase card, and they actually sound like they have really good credit cards.

I figure if they drop my FICO score tracking or I don’t like the rewards/terms and conditions, then I’ll just cancel the card.  I have one credit card that I mainly use for purchasing gas since we get 4% back, and that’s all I’m comfortable with using anyway.  I don’t like having to pay different credit cards each month.  Too much confusion!

I guess I just need to sit back and wait and see what happens.  I thought for sure I would have gotten something in the mail from them already. If you’re looking for some good credit deals there are many resources out there!

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