We’ve Been in our House Almost Ten Years!


We’ve been living in our house now for almost ten years and I cannot believe it. There were many times I wanted to sell our house and move back to Colorado, or even Michigan. Even lately I’ve felt the itch to move because our house feels small sometimes now that we have a family! Our house is around 1600 square feet and is laid out really well. We have an attic, shed, and basement for storage but really wish we had a garage. We would also love if we had a finished basement for a living area! I’d love to have all toys down there, as well as another couch and tv so we could all relax and hang out together down there. If we ever sell our house and move, we have a list of wants/needs. Some of the things include: more acreage (around five acres), wood burning fireplace, basement, and garage. Those are all things that are pretty much non-negotiable.

As of now, our plan is to stay put and try our hardest to make this house and property work for us. If you’ve ever wanted to sell your home, maybe you could try these tips as well! There are some things we’d like to do to make us love the house even more, and also to increase the value of our home. We’ve done a lot of work to our house to make it our home, and I look forward to changing and making things even better over the next few years! Some of the things we have done include:

Replace flooring in our house. We’ve replaced all the floors except the ones in our dining room and kitchen. Our house is older and many of the rooms have original pine subfloors. Those rooms had carpet and we wanted to replace the carpet with hardwood but the floors were too uneven since the house is so old. We decided to go with a laminate floor that I installed myself! We’ve been living with it for many years and been very happy with the quality and durability. Plus, I feel like hard surface floors are so much cleaner and are much better for people with allergies.

-Painted every room, some rooms multiple times. I really enjoyed painting before I had Penny. There are a few rooms in our house that I would like to repaint but they will have to wait until I have the time and energy. I’d like to repaint our office (the paint in there has been the same for many years and definitely needs a paint job), and possibly our dining room and maybe even our bedroom. It seems like since I originally painted everything I ran out of paint ideas though. I need to get re-inspired!

-Paid extra on the mortgage. We’ve been pretty faithful to add a little extra to each mortgage payment. Usually it’s only $50, but every little bit adds up! I can’t wait to get the mortgage paid off completely. We’re prioritizing saving for retirement over paying the mortgage off sooner because we believe we will get a better rate of return on our investments if we invest in our IRAs.

Some of the projects I would like to complete soonish are:

-Repaint the kitchen cabinets. Our whole kitchen could use an overhaul, but the cabinets are nice wood and I think we can get some more time out of them. I wouldn’t mind to replace the counters, possibly backsplash, and floor. We will see if we can make that work in 2017! I’d love to do a lot of the work ourselves, but some of the stuff I don’t know where to start with so we will probably consult a professional on at least some of it!

-Purge and organize the house. I feel like we generally do a good job in keeping the clutter at bay, but having growing kids means that there are always clothes and toys being outgrown. I try to keep up on this and make sure that we don’t have way too much stuff in our smallish house.

That’s basically it. Have you wanted to sell your home and then changed your mind and stayed for a lot longer than you thought you would?

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