We Signed up for a Netflix Free Trial

Posted by Mrs Money on April 15th, 2011


Sign up for a free trial of Netflix!

Back in December I decided that I wanted to sign up for Netflix.  I went to the Netflix site, checked out the packages, and decided to go with the free trial of Netflix.  We’ve been hooked ever since and wish that we had signed up for Netflix sooner.  I know, I know, who hasn’t at least tried Netflix?

Netflix Plans

After our free month trial ended, we decided to go with the $9.99 monthly package that allows unlimited streaming and one DVD out at a time.  How that works is you can watch unlimited amounts of movies and tv shows from Netflix.com and also if you have a Roku Streaming Player
or Wii.  We have a Nintendo Wii, so we hooked ours up where we can watch the Netflix from the Wii.  The packages start as low as $4.99 (which allows one DVD per month but no streaming) all the way up to $27.99 a month, which includes four DVDs out at a time plus unlimited streaming.  We’ve found that the one DVD out at a time plus unlimited streaming has worked pretty well for us.

Free Netflix Trial

After our Netflix free trial was over, we were hooked.  We decided it was well worth the $9.99 a month to pay for the Netflix subscription.  We figure that Netflix actually saves us money each month!  We don’t go out to spend money watching new movies, we’ve always got something to do if we are bored, and it makes for great movie date nights at home!  In fact, we got hooked on the series Dexter and spent many nights watching an episode.  We’ve now finished all five seasons and are trying to find a new television series to watch.

I guess I was pretty reluctant at first to sign up for Netflix because that’s one more expense each month that we’d have to pay for.  We already have cable, so I figured we probably wouldn’t watch the Netflix too much.  It turns out that we actually watch the Netflix more than cable tv anymore, and when we watch cable tv it’s strange because we actually have to watch commercials!  It’s nice watching things on Netflix because you don’t have to watch the commercials.

Another feature about Netflix that I like is that I can watch all kinds of old movies that I haven’t seen in years without having to buy them.  For instance, I have seen many different Disney movies available that can be sent as a DVD.  When you have a DVD out, you can keep it for as long as you want but you can’t get another DVD until you return the original one.   Netflix is really fast for shipping out the next DVDs, and we’ve found out that when we mail our DVDs back in, we’ll have the next one in about two days.  That’s fast!  It’s especially nice when you’re waiting on the next DVD in a tv series.

Overall, I’m super happy we signed up for a free trial of Netflix because we ended up being loyal customers!  If you haven’t tried Netflix yet, you should.

Sign up for a free trial of Netflix today!

Do you do Netflix? Am I the last person to sign up for Netflix?

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10 Responses to “We Signed up for a Netflix Free Trial”

  1. Hi Mrs. Money,
    Congrats on jumping on the Netflix bandwagon. My wife and I signed up for Netflix, our initial plan was to supplement regular cable with the Netflix movies in the mail; However, my wife enjoyed the instant streaming on our Xbox so much that we’ve been able to avoid paying a cable bill for over a year! Good luck with your free trial. Hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Timothy- That’s great you were able to cut the cable! We’ve been thinking about it. It seems like there’s never anything good on tv!


  2. I absolutely LOVE Netflix and think it’s one of the most affordable feel-goods in the world 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    w.h. golightly- That’s totally true! I’ve been indulging in some simple pleasures lately, and I think Netflix is a good one. It doesn’t cost very much at all!


  3. I wrote a post about blockbuster, netflix, and redbox not too long ago. Netflix is great, I have actually had it at two different points for about a year…my only disappointment is having a 30 day delay in some new releases, due to deals made between studios and Blockbuster. Also, their limited instant streaming selection… they are going to face a lot of competition in this arena soon, and they might not the the front runner after awhile.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Justin- The 30 day delay does stink! That’s probably the only drawback to Netflix.


  4. Kacie says:

    We have the same plan you do, and love it! We also stream to our Wii or to our iPods. Johnny knows how to get to the Netflix app and get to his shows, so sometimes I’ll catch him watching Thomas & Friends or something on there. haha! It’s a great bang for your buck, and sometimes we do put our membership on hold if we haven’t watched anything for awhile.

    I love the exercise DVDs they have.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kacie- I love to watch things on the iPod in bed now sometimes. That’s so cute Johnny knows how to use it. He’s so smart!

    I haven’t tried the exercise DVDs but need to 😉


  5. We’ve had Netflix for awhile- and LOVE it. I just wish my hubby would cut our cable bill down. Everything we need is on Netflix and a lot we can stream- but we have TV series, moves and educational DVD’s for our kids.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Sandy- I know, I find myself watching things on Netflix a lot more than cable. Men love their cable though! 🙂


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