Vacation Time Again


nullWe’re gearing up to take a vacation next week. I’ve got the money saved in the bank in a separate account, and we can’t wait to leave. Of course, you’re probably thinking, wow, it must be nice because Mr. and Mrs. Money just took a mini vacation to Indianapolis, Indiana a couple weekends ago, but I assure you this vacation is as frugal as the last.

For starters, we’re driving instead of flying. This will save us money two ways: one, we won’t be paying for airfare, and two, we won’t have to pay to board our dogs.  They’ll be traveling all 17 hours in our Ford Freestyle with us.  I’m hoping that goes well.  I’m a little worried about all that wear and tear on the vehicle, but you only live once, right?  I need to stop worrying about silly things.

We’re saving money on our lodging by staying with the in laws. They have a huge house and we’ll be staying in their mother in law apartment. The dogs will have reign of the backyard so we won’t have to keep an eye on them constantly.

We’re saving money on food by making meals at the house. Being married to a chef has many perks, and I know everyone is looking forward to Mr. Money’s meals!  The only downfall is Mr. Money is looking forward to this vacation so he doesn’t have to cook as much, so we’ll have to be careful and make sure we don’t wear him out!

I’m excited about having a whole week to just relax!

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5 thoughts on “Vacation Time Again

  1. Miss M says:

    Hey have fun, that sounds very frugal in fact. I just wrote a post about getting the urge to travel, but I want to get out of country. We just finished dog sitting my mom’s two so we’ve got a favor coming on that front. Dog boarding is very expensive, especially for spoiled monsters like my 3. Have a great time!


  2. Sara says:

    We have our vacation savings in a different account as well. I have been putting money in it each month for our vacation in July. Out of sight out of mind! Have a great trip.


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