Top Tips for Trading Online: How to Make Money While Minimising Risk


While all the talk in developed economies revolves around the plight of the working-poor, recent data provided by The Associated Press has introduced us to a new financial demographic. Referred to as the ‘new rich’, it is based on an understand that up to 20% of all U.S. adults become wealthy at some point in their lives, thanks to well remunerated jobs and the careful development of supplementary income streams.

While the social impact of this can be argued at length, it appears as though the stock market trading and alternative forms of investment are key to the accumulation of supplementary wealth. While this should come as no surprise given the advancements made in technology and the accessibility of the contemporary market, however, the risks involved mean that this is not a commitment that should be taken lightly.

3 Top Tips for Trading Online

One of the benefits of online trading, however, is that it features numerous tools that enable you to minimize risk and safeguard your capital while trading. With this in mind, Consider the following steps towards maximizing your financial gains:

  • Open a Demo Trading Account: When you open your trading account through an online brokerage site, you should utilize the demo option. This is a temporary account that enables you to experience a real-time, simulated market environment, without forcing you to risk your hard earned capital. By operating a demo account over the course of a six to twelve month period, you can carefully hone your trading strategy and develop invaluable experience of your chosen market. Although this may require patience, it has the potential to dramatically boost your returns when you begin to trade for real.
  • Implement Risk Management Controls on your Account: Modern online trading platforms boast a range of features, such a technical indicators, high quality graphics and unique analytical tools. In addition to this, they also have a function that enables traders to implement risk-management orders which are designed to minimize potential losses on security positions. The most common of these is a stop-loss order, which triggers the sale of a security or commodity once its value reaches a predetermined level. So instead of being caught out by a depreciating market, investors can offset their risk and minimize their total loss.
  • Access a Mobile Trading Platform: As a trader, you must create a strategy that suits the derivatives and market that you deal in. If intend to operate in the forex market, for example, it is crucial that you are able to access your account at any time and execute real-tie orders. To achieve this and minimise the risk of losing money, you should identify and access a mobile trading platform that can connect you to your online portfolio regardless of your precise location. The majority of mobile trading platforms and applications feature an offline mode, which means that access is not restricted in the event that Internet connectivity is suddenly lost.
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