Too Much Decluttering?

Posted by Mrs Money on September 9th, 2009


Lately I’ve been on this crazy decluttering spree.  I think it’s because of the seasons getting ready to change, and I just want to simplify.  I am tired of owning Stuff, and I am tired of cleaning and just having crap around.  I’ve taken things to Goodwill, put some clothes on consignment, and sold some things on eBay and Craigs List as well. I’ve been careful to not go overboard, as I have a tendency to do so.

Last week I decided to tackle my socks and um, unmentionables drawer. It got to the point where I had a hard time shutting the drawer my socks were in. Obviously I had too many socks. I only have two feet, so I figured I didn’t need that many socks.  I pared down to what I thought was necessary, donated all the old socks to Goodwill (I figured people could use them to clean with, plus if they can’t sell it to the public they sell it for scraps) and went on my merry way.

This morning I went to get ready for work, opened my unmentionables drawer, and realized that I didn’t have any clean undergarments left.

At that point I realized that there’s such a thing as decluttering too much!

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11 Responses to “Too Much Decluttering?”

  1. Carrie says:

    might have been too much decluttering. i think 2-3 weeks of socks and undergarments is reasonable.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I am totally agreeing with you right now!


  2. Kristin says:

    I go on decluttering sprees too pretty much during the fall and spring. Only my husband has a problem with it. Six, eight, twelve months down the road, there’s the, “I can’t find the _______. You didn’t take it to Goodwill did you?!” I can’t stand the 8 extra table lamps (a la 1981) we had or the disgusting hospital curtains, etc, etc. All stuff that was given to us when we moved into the house. We have upgraded and we don’t need to keep ALL the extras! Does Mr. Money agree with the decluttering?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mr. Money loves decluttering. 🙂 It hasn’t gotten to the point where I’ve gotten rid of something he didn’t want me to. That would stink! 🙂 I am glad that you do the same thing I do!


  3. cavewoman says:

    I’ve got similar issues.

    I love to declutter.
    My husband likes to keep things “just in case”.


    What I would give to go through his closet (oodles of t-shirts. OODLES), and to attack the kitchen (Two blenders? Really? Who needs two blenders?)

    But he does let me have a hard sale once or twice a year—-and I do get his help in deciding what goes—-so it is a bit of progress. But I would really like to get rid of a good solid 1/8th of the stuff we have. The house would feel so much lighter. *sigh*


    Mrs Money Reply:

    My hubby is all about decluttering. I did ask him to go through his clothes the other day though, and he was like, nah, I wear everything. I know for a fact he doesn’t. 🙂


  4. Kristin says:

    It’s nice to know my husband’s not the only one with oodles of t-shirts (that he NEVER wears) that he won’t get rid of because “they each have a special memory…” My solution is to make a t-shirt quilt out of them. He agrees with this and it will free up like 3 drawers of tightly folded t-shirts. We have an immersion blender, we received a Kitchenaid as a gift, so hubby goes out and buys a hand mixer. Why do I need a hand mixer when I have the big mixer? So I sold it on ebay. What do you do about magazines? That’s another big problem. There are so many free magazine subscriptions and when it’s free, he has to get it. I think we have maybe 7 or 8 that we get on a regular basis. I’m letting the subscriptions run out because it’s just not eco-friendly and it’s hard to read that many mags.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    We recycle the magazines. We take ours to the chiropractor’s office. I love the idea of a tshirt quilt! Let me know if you make one. I want to see!



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