Time for a Move?


beach.jpgWith all the problems I’ve been having lately, I’ve been considering moving back home, or picking up and moving somewhere else. Anywhere else. Of course, this isn’t the smartest financial decision, but it sure feels like a good fix for the problem- momentarily. I’ve considered Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Maui, Hawaii; and even other islands of Hawaii. When we went there for our honeymoon, I absolutely loved it. I have been wanting to go back there ever since we left!

Unfortunately, all this talk about having a baby and real life has put my plans on hold. While I’d love to have a tropical vacation, it’s just not doable right now. Maybe in a few years.  Lately I’ve become the queen of rash decisions, and thankfully I haven’t been fully acting on them.  Good thing!

A couple of my friends are suggesting that I look into selling our house and just picking up and moving back to Colorado. While I agree that would be wonderfully amazing, I can’t help but think logically about the financial crunch it would put on us.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have responsibility!  I think our best bet is to stay put, ride out the economy, and maybe when things get better, seriously look into moving back home.  While we should have done that before we bought this house, you live and you learn.  And right now I’m just doing a lot of learning!

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4 thoughts on “Time for a Move?

  1. Tiffany says:

    When it comes to moving to Hawaii, just for kicks, enter in your info into the Cost of Living Calculator (below). It’s NUTS what the difference is compared to where I live (Phoenix, AZ) versus Honalulu HI… However, the cost of living difference from Colorado & Las Vegas are about the same (LV being slightly more).

    It’s hard to say “stick it out” when you dont know how the economy is going to go, but if you’re that bent on wanting to move, check it out. Try to see how the market is on selling your house first, then see if moving is a feasible option.

    However, the market in the 3 states where my parents have houses they’re trying to sell are horrible (Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa)… so be weary.



  2. Mrs Money says:

    WOW! 186% more for housing from here to Hawaii… that IS nuts! I’ve just kicked the idea around. I’m sure we’ll wait until at least we’ve been in the house two years to avoid large tax penalties. Sometimes it’s just hard! 🙂 Thanks for the link; it’s an eye opener!


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