Things to Consider Before You Make that Move


Does anyone actually enjoy moving house? Packing, lugging furniture up and down stairs is not exactly everyone’s idea of fun. And the work doesn’t stop there, you can spend hours at your new place, hunting through a mass of boxes in an attempt to find the kettle.

Before you even begin, there’s the lengthy process of finding a house, getting your finances sorted, having your offer accepted and then passing each day with your fingers crossed tightly, hoping not to be gazumped.

Starting with the Essentials

Paperwork and legal jargon can be overwhelming when you think about moving into your new house. That’s why it is necessary to look to a professional company, such as Quick Move Conveyancing to take care of the legal requirements. The contracts will be put into action between both parties’ licensed conveyancing or solicitors teams, once your offer has been accepted.

To make sure you don’t end up paying money you don’t owe, you will need to take care of transferring bills and take final meter readings. Inform relevant companies that you are moving and take care of any final utilities before you leave.

Try to use up all the food in your cupboards and your fridge the nearer you get to moving. Get creative with some interesting recipes using those cans that have been neglected in your cupboard for months. This lessens the amount of weight you need to transport and saves you money.

Give Your Life a Spring-clean

Clutter seems to generate easily over the years, so this is the time to be ruthless about what you want to keep. Do you really need that old plastic fish tank that’s hiding under the stairs? What about those old laptops that became redundant ten years ago, but you haven’t a clue what to do about them? There are charities which recycle old laptops, mobile phones and some electrical equipment. There are sites on the internet which buy old CD’s and mobile phones. This is a great way to make a bit of extra money and free up some space.

Use this rule with your clothes: if you haven’t worn it within that season, it belongs to the charity shop. Think of this in monetary terms – the lighter you travel, the less trips you will have to do in the van. Fewer trips in the van will reduce the amount you pay the removal company and save your legs from trekking up the stairs.

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