The Sorrows of Decluttering


This weekend I went on a minor decluttering spree and decided I was going to get rid of a few things.  I’ve got the moving bug, and while we own our house and probably won’t be going anywhere for awhile, I don’t want to have to move stuff when the time comes.  In our basement alone, I found an old Health Rider exercise bike, a dehumidifier, hardwood flooring, and a wine picture that had been hung in our dining room.  Those were just the big items.  Of course I had some smaller items, but those are ones I decided I wanted to try and sell.

It never fails; any time I try to get rid of things I get wishy washy.  I found a pile of clothes in the extra bedroom that I was getting rid of but felt they were worth more than a donation to Goodwill.  “Oh, that is a cute top!” I thought to myself, put it down in the laundry basket and took in back into my closet.  I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to try to sell and would just keep it.

I listed all the large items on craigslist and have had a few people email me that are interested.  Everything I listed was $10-15 each.  Of course I’d like to make the extra money, but sometimes the thought of listing the things online creeps me out.  I don’t like people coming to my house to pick up things, and I don’t want to have to drive to meet someone, so it’s almost worth just donating the items.  Am I just a freak, or do you guys feel the same way?  I did list a couple things on ebay; some Pottery Barn curtains that I had, and a Dooney & Bourke wristlet that I won in a contest.

I know this sounds horrible, but sometimes I feel things are “too good” for Goodwill.  Mainly that they are items that I feel like I could sell (mainly name brand clothing) and feel like I’m losing money when I donate them.  I’ve tried to reason with myself that I know when I find things like that at thrift stores I get really excited, so I should pass that on to someone else.

My boss’ neighborhood is having a subdivision yard sale soon and I think I may gather up some nice items and take them over to her house.  I’m hoping I’ll make more than $7.40 this time! And the debate goes on…

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9 thoughts on “The Sorrows of Decluttering

  1. Kacie says:

    I’ve started the decluttering process and seeing my “donate” pile grow is really making me happy! I have too much crap.

    Right now I have a bunch of clothes and some odds and ends that might net a buck or two apiece at a yard sale.

    I have very little time to sell things while I try to pack and declutter, so I’m just going to donate most of it. I’d have to be able to make quite a bit (maybe $40-$50?) on ebay to make it worth my time right now.


  2. Imee says:

    You’re not the only one who feels that way about the “too good for Goodwill” thing. I feel guilty about it though, even if I know I don’t really have use for them. It’s because I’m quite a sentimental person, and I don’t think I can give away or even sell stuff that are attached to me. Maybe in a crisis when I need cash desperately…


  3. Angie says:

    I completely understand. For me, little things get donated unless I feel very led to give a more expensive item for an important cause. Big ticket items go on Craig’s List. It does take time to list and tend to sale items, so I definitely weigh it out.


  4. K-money says:

    I’ve had stuff that was “too good” for Goodwill. At some point the “value” of the burden of keeping it will outweigh the monetary value and it’ll be worth it to get rid of it. Or if you hang on to the clothes long enough they’ll be out of style and not worth much anymore.


  5. J. Money says:

    I hear ya on the moving bug, it’s bitten me months ago and I DO own a home 🙁 Guess there’s worst things in life though, eh? Good work on getting rid of at least some things, not the easiest to do 🙂


  6. Mrs Money says:

    Kacie- I know! The feeling of having so much stuff in a pile that you know you aren’t holding on to anymore is amazing!

    K Money- I totally know what you mean. I took some stuff to Goodwill that I had been hanging onto and it feels so much better to have my basement clean and organized! I doubt I would have made much money off it anyways.

    J.Money- Thanks for your comment and for stopping by! Hopefully some new paint will make my moving bug chill for awhile.


  7. Mrs Money says:

    Imee- Those darn emotions! It seems like we get attached to some of the craziest things. Good luck decluttering!

    Angie- Thanks for your input! I like craigslist but lately have had some bad luck with it. People want me to deliver it to them, and I don’t want to do that. I’ll keep trying. 🙂


  8. Crystal says:

    I can relate to this too. I feel I work hard for my money and the things I buy are from all of my hard work. We have too many toys and I would like to do something with them but they are still relatively new and my kids haven’t played with them very much. I just do not have any extra storage and even if I did, I’m sure that would pile up soon too.


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