The Possibility of Being Bought Out: Is my Job at Risk?


sb10065616b-001.jpgIt’s no secret that banks aren’t doing so well these days. I have been very nervous about the state of the current company that I work for currently, as we’ve had negative attention by the media for weeks now. There’s been rumors going around about a possible buyout, and I’m hoping and praying that if it does happen we will be bought by a company that is located in Colorado as well. That way, if we ever are able to move back home, a transfer is likely for me. Here are a few of my concerns regarding the two companies that seem to be in the running to buy our bank.

Company A
Company A is headquartered (ironically) in the same city as my current company. If they end up buying us out, many people would be out of jobs. It would be devastating to many, but at the same time, that bank does not have locations any where near my branch, so our jobs should be safe. I think this company would be a good company to work for, and they have locations in many states. They also have locations out in the Rocky Mountains, so if we get bought out by them, the possibility of a transfer could be real in the future.

Company B
Company B is the bad choice of the two in my opinion. They have branches all around the metro area we live in. If they buy us out, there’s a possibility that they could shut down some branches. Also, they are known for their late hours, so I could possibly be working later than 4 every day. (I know, “bankers hours”) I have heard nothing but bad things about this bank, and I am really nervous about them buying us. I really don’t want this to happen.

To be honest, I am really freaked out and trying to save as much money and cut back as many things as I can. Any extra money I have I’m either throwing into savings or using it to pay off some debt. Keep your fingers crossed for me; I need it!

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