The Craziest Job I Ever Had


cute horseFive years ago Mr. Money and I lived in Colorado. We were both working for a RadioShack store and Mr. Money was also teaching snowboarding. While we worked at RadioShack, we met this very nice woman who bred miniature horses. She was so sweet and kind, and the pictures of her horses she brought in were beautiful. She knew that I had grown up riding and training horses, and one day she asked me if I’d be interested in working with the horses.

I couldn’t say yes any faster than I did.

So I quit my job (with health insurance) and we moved out of our condo into a house on her property. We agreed that she would pay us $10 an hour each for our work. I would be responsible for cleaning barns, breeding horses, doing paperwork, and any other things she wanted me to do. Mr. Money would be the handyman. Fine and dandy, right?

We thought that because we weren’t paying any rent (she said that the house was worth $500,000 and would rent for $4,000 a month so that was included in our “salaries”) that we would come out ahead. Well, after a few months of working there and realizing that we wouldn’t be able to live on $10 an hour and no health insurance, we decided that we needed a change. We decided Mr. Money would attend culinary school, and set forth on searching for a school. We had considered moving to Denver, but in the end decided we’d rather move to where we live now. We probably should have just stayed there.

Thankfully, Mr. Money enjoyed culinary school, we ended up liking where we live, settled down for awhile, and just have been living life ever since. At times, I miss being around the miniature horses and working with them. I also miss the peace that was living out in the middle of nowhere on the ranch. It was quite the experience! I’m thankful that I’m still not picking up poop everyday though!

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

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3 thoughts on “The Craziest Job I Ever Had

  1. Kristin says:

    I haven’t had any weird jobs. Each one is interesting in it’s own way though. I was a party hostess at the new indoor skating rink – working with moms who are trying to control 10 8-year-old’s was crazy enough 😉 I also subbed as skate cop when they needed a break. There were also interesting stories about the hockey players and their fans. A lot of gossiping and speculating at that job! I’ve also worked at two floral shops where I didn’t get along with the managers.


  2. Mrs. Accountability says:

    From the ages of 18-21 (1981 to 1983) I worked for place that sold glass and plastic containers. I worked in the warehouse where my job was to put together orders, keep the warehouse stocked and the “weirdest” part of my job was driving a forklift! These huge 18 wheelers and their 55 foot long trailers stacked full of pallets. We’d have to put a chain around the wooden pallet and pull them out. It definitely takes some skill. I learned to drive a forklift before learning to drive a car which really screwed me up since to turn the forklift you make a sharp turn to whip the backend around. The family I was living with wouldn’t let me learn to drive their cars, so my boss gave me a ride home every day after work and taught me to drive during rush hour traffic! I stalled out sooooo many times! I actually liked that job quite a bit and it was easy to stay in good shape being so active and having to lift heavy things. Your job sounds like it was perfect for you, and I’m glad it worked out (thought it wasn’t going to be such a happy ending, I mean maybe the lady was really an axe murderer, lol).


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