The Best Posts of 2009


Since everyone’s doing it and I hate to be left out, I’m going through and picking my favorite posts from each month of this year. Happy New Year!

January: “No Poo” Shampoo Alternative- Don’t use Shampoo Again!

February: Buy Food Now. Lots.

March: Unique Uses for Baking Soda

April: How to Compost

May: How Far Would you go to Have a Baby?

June: We are Student Loan Debt Free!!

July: I Gave up Makeup Cold Turkey

How Much Would you Spend on Your Pet? / Starting My Own Photography Business

September: Getting Made Fun of for Frugality

October: Wear and Wash, or Wear Again?

November: Oil Cleansing Method

December: Are Thrifted Gifts Acceptable?

What were your favorite posts of 2009? Anything stick out in your mind?

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