Taking in a Roommate: Could you do it?


hahh.jpgOn Saturday a friend called me because her brother had kicked her out and she was needing a place to stay.  Of course I said yes (even though she’s not someone I know very well) and she came over Saturday night and stayed until Sunday night.  While she was here only one night, I actually enjoyed having her around.  It was nice to have someone to talk to and spend time with.  Mr. Money works 12 hour days and is not around a lot.  I got to thinking about taking in a roommate.

We have a three bedroom house for the two of us.  Obviously we share a bedroom, have one room as the office, and the other is a guest bedroom.  We could rent out that third bedroom and have a little extra money each month.  The idea sounds great to me.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we would ever actually go through with it unless we desperately needed to instead of losing our house.  Here are some of the pros and cons I came up with:

+I’d have someone around to spend time with.
+We’d be bringing in extra income.
+We’d have someone to share the electricity bill, water, cable, internet, etc. with.

-When we have company, we wouldn’t have any where for them to stay.
-I wouldn’t be able to be such a crazy hippie and turn the heat down to 60 degrees, use cloth toilet paper if I wanted, and all the other crazy “green” ideas I come up with.
-It would probably get annoying knowing that they were there all the time and weren’t going home.
-If we get pregnant anytime soon, then we’d could use that room as the nursery.

Of course the cons outweigh the pros, but if we had to do it, I think we could. I think it was an interesting experience at least, and made me think about it seriously.

Could you take in a roommate?

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8 thoughts on “Taking in a Roommate: Could you do it?

  1. Rebecca says:

    The extra money would certainly be nice but I know that I couldn’t do it. My husband and I are homebodies and we value our privacy too much. Plus we have three bedrooms and two kids so taking in a roommate would mean my kids would have to share a room.


  2. Miss M @ M is for Money says:

    We’d have to be desperate, we only have two bedrooms and I’m here typing away in the spare. I prefer privacy, not having to talk to someone and not having to deal with other people’s issues. I had plenty of roomates in college, that was enough. But the extra money would be nice and if we ever needed to I’d definitely take one in.


  3. Catherine says:

    Right now I live in a rather cramped apartment, but if I could bare to part with some of my stuff, I could definitely have a room mate in the 2nd bedroom (and it would already be furnished for them!)

    I am planning on buying a house in the next 5 years, and part of that plan is to be able to have a “mother-in-law” suite. Initially, it would be for renting out to help pay off the mortgage quickly. Then, if needed in the future, it could be used to have an ailing parent (or other relative) near by.


  4. Krystal says:

    Crazy, I was just considering this topic the other day. I too live with my mister in a three bedroom home that has more than enough space for us and a roommate. Ultimately I came to the same conclusion you did: we could do it if we had to, but only if we had to. And you’re right, it would be especially difficult if the roommate wasn’t as green minded as we tend to be. You can’t force someone paying part of the bills to use biodegradable detergent or to only buy eco-friendly shampoo. Having to deal with all of the little inconveniences that having another person in the house would bring would eventually drive me crazy, I’m sure. So thank goodness it’s not necessary…not yet at least.


  5. Mrs Money says:

    Rebecca- We’re homebodies too and I love my privacy as well. I don’t think that I would be very happy with it long term.

    Miss M @ M is for Money- I would hate to give up my home office! I love this room too much. 🙂

    Catherine- My mother in law actually has an apartment attached to her house! It is really neat. I’d love to live in it, but we’d have to sell our house and move across country. Plus then how much privacy would we really have? 😉

    Krystal- I’m hoping it doesn’t become necessary for us as well. It would be an adjustment, that’s for sure!


  6. Mrs Money says:

    Hi Nicole! We do have an extra bathroom near the guest bedroom. That would be much better than having to share! Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  7. smitty says:

    We rent out one of our spare rooms and while it hasn’t always been perfect, it is a nice passive income & community builder!!


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