Taking Advantage of Black Friday Sales!


Last week, I received a coupon from Home Depot for 10% off a purchase of $299 or more, plus 12 months no interest, no payments. Yesterday Mr. Money and I went out to Home Depot to look at purchasing a new dishwasher. It has been over a year since our old one broke! We had decided that we would purchase a stainless steel dishwasher to match our stainless steel fridge. Our thinking was that if we do sell our house in a year or two then it would be nice to have working, matching appliances for when we show the house. We picked out a pretty nice dishwasher (same brand as our refrigerator), and then checked out.

As we were checking out, buyer’s remorse started setting in. Do we really need a new dishwasher? I can wash dishes by hand (although I am so tired of it and I think it uses more water). It’s a recession, and we should save as much money as we can. Etc.

The dishwasher was on Black Friday sale price for $498. We bought some hose for $19.99 and power cord for $9.99. They will deliver the dishwasher for free and haul away our old one. After tax, our total was $559.66. With the 10% off coupon applied, our total ended up coming to $503.70 for everything. This morning I checked Home Depot just to ensure we made the right decision. The same exact dishwasher today costs $629.10, not including the other parts and tax. Wow! If we decide to take advantage of the 12 months no interest no payments on our Home Depot credit card, it will be $41.98 a month.

Do you think we made a good decision?

Image via neilcreek

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5 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of Black Friday Sales!

  1. Catherine says:

    Matching appliances will add value to your home (I know! I’m an HGTV-aholic!) and you will save water running the dishwasher only when it is full rather than having to wash them all by hand. Plus, think of the time savings! You definitely made the right decision – and you saved money in the process! Excellent deal.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Me too!! I love HGTV! I think we made a good decision now. I am so excited to get it!


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