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bzp006.jpgI have decided that because of the voliatility of my current position that I would start searching just to see what’s out there. I posted my resume on monster.com and careerbuilder.com. I have had numerous emails, phone calls, and contacts in the past few days. I only have listed my resume on these two places, and most recently added it on careerbuilder.com, so I’m thinking that’s where the traffic is coming from. To say I am a little nervous/apprehensive/scared is an understatement. I’m frightened out of my mind. Why?

I’ve had this job for almost four years now.
While that may not be a long time to some people, it is to me because I’m still young. This was my first “real” job, and it’s turned into a career. I’m really sad that it’s come to me leaving the company, but at this time I feel like I need to explore other options. Who knows, maybe there’s the perfect job out there that I’ve not even pondered yet. Time will tell.

It’s going to be a pain switching my 401k, health insurance, direct deposit, etc. I am really not looking forward to taking care of all of that. My 401k has taken such a huge hit and I’ve lost so much money that it makes me sick. What can I do about it? Nothing. I’ll have to make sure that my benefits are comparable or better as well, and that gives me a headache just thinking about it.

The comfort level I have with my ability to do my current position is very good. Having a new job means learning all new tasks, responsibilities, and roles. I’m sure I can learn very quickly and I will probably love doing something different, but it’s scary right now.

Now, focusing on the positives:

I’m going to be less stressed. I’ve made up my mind. I am sick and tired of being stressed with my life. I worry every day about so many things, and with my job being as stressful as it is, it’s going to shorten my life. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I really think that stress has a major effect on your life (and life span!)

Having a change of pace. While I am a creature of habit, I also do enjoy change. I do enjoy it more when I am in control of it, as I’m sure most people do. At this point I truly feel this is the right decision for myself and my family. I know being so stressed takes a toll on Mr. Money (and even our dogs!). A change of pace will be good for us.

I have experience now, and that makes me worth more money. I’m hoping with this job change that I’ll gain a salary increase. Although, I have thought about it, and if I do take a pay cut and have less responsibilities, that will be worth it to me.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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4 thoughts on “Switching Jobs – using Careerbuilder.com, monster.com

  1. CyberCelt says:

    It is scary to look for a job. With the economy like it is, people are not hiring as much. I did use Monster.com and got a job. Beware of those MLM opportunities that advertise on those sites. They are usually under marketing and they sound too good to be true.

    Do not forget about temporary agencies. Usually, you can get to work within a few days. While there are no benefits at first, you do hear of open jobs. Temp jobs also help you avoid the pits where you do not want to work. LOL


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