Sunday Link Love-Happy Valentine’s Day!


#45 be my valentine
Creative Commons License photo credit: romana klee

For all of you that don’t have a Valentine today, don’t feel left out. I’m sending you this virtual Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cake!  I spent my Valentine’s day cleaning, cooking, and doing a little shopping.  It’s been fantabulous, especially since I have tomorrow off!  I also made some changes to the site, so click through to see them! I’d love your input.

Here are some posts I enjoyed this week:

Out of Debt AgainThose New Laws Regarding Our Credit Cards

Debt Free AdventureHow to Create Sinking Funds

The Good Human17 Easy Alternatives to Everyday Disposables

Debt Free Adventure Renting vs. Mortgage and A Solution for Mortgage Free Home Ownership

A Gai Shan LifePets and Preparedness: Have an Emergency Plan

Punch Debt in the FaceShare your Secrets

Have a great weekend; see all you lovas tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love-Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Mrs. Accountability says:

    Thanks for the mention! I really liked that one to Punch Debt in the Face, lots of secrets there!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    You’re very welcome! I know the tips you shared affected me since we have a Home Depot Credit Card.


  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks Mrs. Money,

    I agree with Mrs. Accountability, Punch’s post was great. I’m just not a secret sharer. All my devils are posted.

    Take care


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I am not a secret sharer either. SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET. 😉


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