Sunday Link Love


Good morning! Happy Sunday.  Today I’m going to work on sweat equity.  Story of my life! I’m just working on finishing touches because it’s driving me crazy having a half finished house!  Here are some of my favorite posts for the week:

Mrs. Micah wraps up Where’s My Money Going? Month.

Ashley at Wide Open Wallet explains how 80% of success is just showing up.

Miss M shares 50 ways to save on pet expenses. I use the Kirkland brand dog food as she suggests and I’ll vouch for its quality!

Kacie at Sense to Save asks if 15% is enough to save for retirement. I think it’s awesome she’s making sure she’s prepared at a young age!

The Happy Rock explains deep freezing sale items to help stretch your grocery dollars.

I also wanted to post a February wrap up. I got this idea from Ashley at Wide Open Wallet, and I really like it!  Check out her blog for some other great tips.

Here are the most popular pages for February:

And the top referrers: Thank you very much!
Being Frugal
M is for Money
Keeping Score
Being Frugal is Fabulous
Moms Need to Know
Wide Open Wallet
Stretching a Buck
Money Saving Mat

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love

  1. Mrs Money says:

    You all are welcome!

    Miss M- Yeah, my motivation tanked. 🙂 We will get it done sooner than later, right? 😉


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