Stop Buying Bottled Water


I hate bottled water.  Not only is it bad for the environment, it’s also bad for you!  Drinking water out of plastic, BPA filled water bottles is not good for your health.  Studies have proven that some bottled water is just tap water that’s been put into a plastic bottle. Why pay for something that you don’t have to?

I hate when I see people drink bottled water and then throw their plastic bottles in the trash. Plastic never breaks down, so those bottles are around for the rest of time. How sad. There are alternatives to bottled water (duh). I try to make sure that I never consume bottled water, for the benefit of my health and the Earth’s!

I always make sure that I am carrying a water bottle with me. I prefer a bottle like the Klean Kanteen . I used to use a Sigg bottle but after the BPA fiasco I went through last year, I’ve ditched that and gone with a brand that I have more faith in. I’ve seen stainless steel water bottles at Costco as well. Check your local grocery or sports good store for one.

Do you hate the taste of tap water? Purify it for free, or invest in a filter. We’re looking at purchasing a Big Berkey system. I just need to save up for it!  I’ve decided that this is something that is very important to me, and I drink a ton of water, so I don’t want it laced with fluoride, chlorine, and other crap!

The point is: no matter how you drink your water, please don’t purchase bottled water.  Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s bad for the Earth.

What type of water do you drink? Are you worried about the quality of your tap water?  (Poll below!)

What do you drink?
Tap water
Filtered Water
Bottled Water
Beer Only free polls
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13 thoughts on “Stop Buying Bottled Water

  1. Jenny says:

    Bottled water drives me nuts! My parents buy it all the time, mostly in large cases to take to outdoor events and on vacation, but then it ends up in their fridge and being used because “it’s already there.” I actually hate the taste of most bottled water. It doesn’t taste pure, it tastes salty or something. We have a Brita filter, which we like, but I was reading that it’s best to get a more sophisticated filter that does all the water coming into your home, as so much water is absorbed through our skin in the shower and we also use it to cook with a lot. I don’t think we can afford a filter like that right now, but maybe one day. It sure would be nice to get a glass of tap water from any sink in the house and know it’d already been taken care of!


  2. dee says:

    Water filters are completely unnecessary I think. Tap water is very clean, and is monitored much more closely than bottled water. People everywhere in the world live on tap water and it doesn’t effect their health in the slightest. Water filters introduce more waste to the environment and are magnitudes more expensive to afford and maintain than plain tap water.
    (Sure, water filter manufacturers want you to believe otherwise, but I think you should have faith in science rather than companies wanting to sell you expensive things on a pseudo-scientific basis)


  3. Little House says:

    I almost voted for beer! However, when it comes to water we purchase 3-5 gallons of water from a water filter kiosk next to our grocery store. It only costs 25-cents a gallon and we reuse our plastic jugs over and over again. If I owned my own home, I’d install a filter on my kitchen sink. But until then, I’ll have to shlep over to the store and filler-up!

    P.S. We did just receive our water quality report from the state and it says it’s great quality. Too bad it tastes like chlorine.


  4. Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life says:

    Thank you for this post! It’s amazing even in the terrible economy so many people are paying a premium for bottled water. People don’t seem as concerned how their food is produced (i.e., factory farms for animals, pesticides on fruits and vegetables, etc.) Why is tap water so gross?

    As for the recycling, it’s astounding. In my apartment complex, I see people throwing recyclables in the trash, even though the recycling bin is right next to the trash bin. Laziness? Ignorance? Arrogance? All three?


  5. dee says:

    They suggest getting rid of any lead piping, and if it really is your well water that contains the lead, to use filters. I wouldn’t filter your whole water supply, only the water used in the kitchen. You’re not going to die from ‘lead entering through your pores’ or something like that.

    High PH and iron are non-issues:

    They change the taste, but are not bad for your health in any way. You either have to learn how to live with the taste or drink tea/soup.


  6. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff says:

    We buy two-three cases a year and refill them with tap water until I deem them too yucky to reuse. They are easy to grab and go and are stored in our mini-fridge for easy accessibility. I hadn’t heard about any health problems – what kind of problems?


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