Spending Money Guilt


sushi.jpgSo this past weekend I had a friend (my BFF actually) come and visit me, and I decided I was going to take out $100 to cover expenses over the weekend.  I’d saved money for the occasion, and I decided that we would treat ourselves since we don’t get to spend much time together, as she lives 4 hours away.  I figured $100 would be sufficient, as our plans involved shopping, dining, and relaxing, none of which were going to break the bank.  We did end up doing all three, and I didn’t spend as much as I had planned on.

I bought dinner for both of us on Friday night because I wanted to treat her, and I also bought the alcohol we purchased (pineapple rum-yum!).  Then on Saturday we went shopping at a home goods store (I didn’t buy anything), and then on to dinner at Mr. Money’s restaurant.  Throughout the whole dinner I was thinking about how we were going to pay the bill.  I knew that they would comp some of the meal (Mr. Money has a “food allowance”) but I wasn’t sure how much.  The food here is pretty pricey.  In the end, they ended up comping everything (appetizer, salad, my wine, my entree) but her meal and her glass of wine.  It was around $30, and I’m very thankful that Mr. Money has that benefit.  She ended up insisting on paying, and I gave her some money for the tip.  I feel bad that she would up paying, but she insisted.
Of course now I still feel like a miser.  I couldn’t really enjoy dinner to the fullest because I didn’t know how much money we’d end up spending and basically I worry about the stupidest things.  I wish I would have paid for that dinner too.  Sometimes I wish I could stop worrying about money.  I go into hoarding mode where I don’t want to spend ANY money, and that’s not good.  That’s completely the opposite of why we save and budget.  We do that for peace of mind.

I’m thinking about setting aside a certain amount of money each month for fun money.  Mr. Money and I can go out to eat, on a date, etc. and just not worry about it.  That’s what the money will be for.  I guess sometimes I also feel guilty because we can afford to do this, while there are many people struggling to pay their bills.  I feel like I’m living this extravagant life (I’m really not) while they are struggling to put food on the table.  I hate the money guilt.  Hate, hate, hate it.  I need to find some way to deal with it.

 How do you deal with the guilt of spending money?   

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4 thoughts on “Spending Money Guilt

  1. bluntmoney says:

    I used to feel guilty about spending money, but it was because I should have been using it for something else. Now I still have a little residual guilt sometimes, but I just remind myself that I have the money and intended to spend it.


  2. Imee says:

    Well then there you go–you answered your own question. You only FEEL like you’re living extravagantly even if you’re not ’cause you’re comparing your life to those less fortunate than you. You shouldn’t–you worked hard for that money and there’s nothing wrong with spending it, and if you ask me you’re living very frugally actually.


  3. Mrs Money says:

    bluntmoney- I feel the same way sometimes. Like if I put this money I spent on dinner towards debt, it would be gone faster. I figure that these are memories that I’m making and I can’t buy those!

    Imee- Thanks! I feel a lot better knowing that someone else feels this way about my spending. I need to stop comparing myself to others. That never does any good!


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