Sigg’s BPA Confession


In an effort to be more health conscious and environmentally friendly, a couple years ago Mr. Money and I bought some Sigg water bottles.  The nasty rumors about BPA in Nalgene water bottles (which we had faithfully used for about five years) made us turn up our noses at our brightly colored plastic containers.  We believed that aluminum was the way to go, so we chose the Sigg brand water bottles and called it a day.  We used them every day for about two years.  They got a little banged up, but that didn’t affect the bottle’s function in any way.  We loved our Sigg bottles.  All was well, until last week I found out that Sigg basically has been pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes with the fact that their water bottle liners contain BPA.  Can you see the steam coming from my ears?

At that point, I decided I was done with my Sigg bottle and that was it.  Then, after I cooled down a little, I realized that I paid over $20 for this darn water bottle, and I felt deceived.  So I sent an email to the company (  It was short and sweet.

I purchased two Sigg bottles a couple years ago, and recently learned about the BPA in the liners.  Can I get my money back or the bottles exchanged?  I am highly disappointed. Thank you.

The next day I received an email back:

Dear Mrs. Money,

 We understand your concern and will gladly replace your bottle[s] with brand new SIGG bottles featuring our EcoCare, BPA free liner.  We ask that you return your old bottles to us as proof of purchase and so that we may recycle them.  Please confirm you have the old liners in all bottles being returned to us by visiting  – New liner bottles returned to us will slow down the replacement process.

Attached please find our return form.

 Please print and fill this out and ship the bottle[s] back to us.  Upon receipt, we will issue you a gift certificate pin code good toward the purchase of replacement bottles on, this will include the shipping.  No need to return any tops or the caps currently on your bottles, as these are BPA free and may come in handy as extras when you receive your replacement[s].

 We enclose a mailing label with the appropriate RMA, please USE THIS shipping label on the outside of your package so that we may expedite the processing of your return.   Failure to use this label will cause your package to be misdirected in our warehouse, and seriously delay your replacement.

If you have any questions, please hit reply to this email [] and let us know. 

Great.  They will replace my bottles as long as I ship them back.  That’s when I realized that it’s on my dime to send them back. Grr.  So I’m kind of torn as to what to do now.  Do I eat the expense of shipping them back so I can get them replaced? Do I trust that they won’t “leach BPA”? Do I throw them out and just replace them with Klean Kanteens? I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’ll tell you that I wouldn’t recommend purchasing another one to help support a company that’s withheld important information.  That’s just wrong.

What would you do?

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7 thoughts on “Sigg’s BPA Confession

  1. Chris says:

    For me it’s a no brainer. The empty bottles weigh next to nothing and should fit easily in one of the USPS priority boxes. Postage will probably be about $5-6. That’s a lot less than buying brand new bottles. I’m sure SIGG after getting egg on its face is going to make sure they’re BPA free.

    Personally though I like Polar Bottle sport bottles. As someone who consumes a lot of green smoothies, I’ve found it keeps it cooler longer than anything else I’ve tried at a reasonable price (about $10 for 24oz bottle).


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Green smoothie love!! I’ll have to look into the Polar Bottle sport bottles. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I think I am going to send them back. Why not?


  2. Sarah says:

    Hi! I thought the shipping label they included would cover the return postage? I understand that you mistrust the company now and may not want the new bottles anyway.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    The way I understood it is that I have to foot the postage. I think they should cover the shipping but I guess they aren’t. 🙁


  3. cavewoman says:

    Ask them if they will cover your postage. It never hurts to ask. (:
    If they do, then you really have come out on top on the financial side.

    Alternatively, if the whole thing is just too frustrating, may I recommend the following:

    It’s not as pretty as a Sigg bottle—but it TOTALLY works. Especially if you get the regular mason jar lid. If you are worried about breakage, a huggie works well.

    Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of activities that make me worry about breakage, so this works for me. But if you are out and about, being athletic with bicycles and hiking, replacing your Sigg is a good idea.

    I hear good things about Klean Kanteen, but I am reticent to drink out of aluminum because it sets the fillings in my teeth on edge. Ug.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I love Mason jars! We have a ton of them from canning veggies. I like drinking out of them around the house. I could even knit myself a huggie! 🙂 Thanks for the idea!


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