Saving Money on Baby Shower Gifts


baby.jpgWe had a baby shower for a girl at work today.  I was a little worried because we had vowed to try and not spend as much for the rest of this month.  I was trying to think of what I could get her that she could use and wasn’t too expensive.  I know her mother in law has purchased a lot of items for the baby.

I had to make something for the luncheon, so I decided I would make a taco dip because that was easy to make and everyone enjoys it.  When I got home, I realized an important thing.  I forgot to buy a gift. After I got done kicking myself, I decided I was not going to go back out and I was going to make do with what I had.  I had a lot of scrapbooking items left over, so I made a handmade card, and after that I saw the light bulb go off in my head: I had a pair of longies (wool baby pants) I had knitted this summer that would make an amazing gift.  I went into my spare bedroom, found them, went to my basement and re used a bag I had received a gift in, and there I was!  A beautiful baby shower gift for $0.  Of course I had to buy the yarn and materials, but had I not been creative, I would have gone to the store, spent $20 on a gift, and then probably found something else I “needed”.

Sometimes it pays to be creative.  I was so proud of myself, and when she opened the gift today, I felt so much better about my decision.  She loved the fact that I had made them myself and it was a very thoughtful gift.  Being frugal requires you to think outside the box a lot.  I’m glad I did, and I know she’s grateful for the beautiful handmade gift.

What is something creative you’ve done to save money?

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3 thoughts on “Saving Money on Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Catherine says:

    I was taught growing up that when you visited someone or were invited to their house that you brought a gift. Buying a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine every time was starting to get expensive. Instead of just cutting out these gifts, I’ve gotten creative. Over the summer, I made a lot of jams and canned them. I’ve also started making homemade tomato sauce and salsa and canning that as well. I keep them all together in the pantry and when I need a gift, I just grab a jar, tie a ribbon around it, and make a tag with a 3×5 notecard. Voila! A gift that will be very appreciated and is also special because I made it myself. This can also be done with those different mixes (10 bean soup or cookies in a jar or what-have-you) or anything else that you make for yourself around the house. Just package it nicely and share!


  2. Mrs Money says:

    Catherine- That is a great idea!! I think I’ll do the bean soup and cookies for Christmas. I know I’d much rather get something like that than have someone buy me something just to buy me a present. I don’t need anything else in my house. It’s the thought that counts! 🙂


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