Saving Money on Baby Expenses


Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you go into Babies R Us and are bombarded by all the millions of baby items they carry.  The first time I went in our local store, I almost had a panic attack.  There’s no way we can afford all of these things that we supposedly need for a baby!  Thankfully, after I left the store I sat down and thought about what a baby will actually need according to my standards.  I don’t want to have 50 baby things, or a million plastic made in China toys for my kid.  We sway to the side of minimalism, and while I know I won’t be able to limit everything that makes its way into my house, I can do my best to make sure I have things I need and use for the baby.  Here are some of the ways we’re going to save money on baby expenses:

Breastfeed.  I’m going to do my best to breastfeed, and I plan on doing everything in my power to make it to at least a year.  Breastfeeding is so much better for the baby, natural, and will save us tons of money versus buying formula.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Cloth diapering.  We received a pack of newborn disposable diapers for our shower, and after those are gone, I plan on starting to cloth diaper.

Not buying a bunch of crap.  My co workers keep telling me that I need to register for more stuff; that I’ll regret not having the swing and the bouncer and whatever other gadgets they think I need.  We’re trying to get items that do double duty; for instance we received a swing that is full size and travel size and I think that will work just fine instead of having a bouncer too.

Buying second hand clothes.  My mother went nuts over the past 7 months, purchasing baby clothes and burp cloths and basically any other item she thought I would need.  This has saved us a ton of money already!  The baby has a gender neutral wardrobe with items ranging from newborn to 1 year already.  I’m sure we’ll have to buy more clothes, but I know we’ll be able to get them second hand.

Remembering the store will still be there. It’s hard for me when I think I don’t have enough things ready for the baby, but I think we’ve got the essentials so far.  Plus, the store is going to be there after the baby is born!  If we need extra burp cloths or receiving blankets, we can always make a trip to the store.  I’d rather do that than have things on hand that we don’t use and then we’ve wasted money on.

I’m trying to relax and realize that babies don’t need much other than a warm place to sleep, food, and diapers.  Really, when you think about it- that’s it!  That makes me feel better and more confident that we’ll be able to raise our child with respect to our budget and the planet.

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8 thoughts on “Saving Money on Baby Expenses

  1. Emily says:

    Someone gave us a swing for DS, and he absolutely hated it. And if you really feel you must have “extras”, they are easily available at 50% or less of the cost of new items at consignment stores.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Emily- That’s another reason I don’t want one of every baby item there is 🙂 Who knows what my baby will like!

    I agree- I can’t stand knowing someone paid $100 for a high chair that I could get second hand for $30 or so!


  2. Lynsey says:

    Good luck with the breastfeeding! It is certainly not easy at first but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. I would recommend though that you get some bottles and sterilising equipment “just in case”, but perseverance is the key and I get the feeling that you are a very determined person like me (some would say stubborn 🙂 ). I had a pump that was indispensible (electric as the manual one didn’t work for me). Oh and cabbage leaves in your bra really do help to ease the pain, just don’t get too close to anyone when they’re in there 😕


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Lynsey- That is a good idea. I’ve got a couple bottles just in case. I’m really stubborn too, but I’m hoping that will help with mothering!

    Thanks so much for your comment!


  3. Maire says:

    Hooray for breastfeeding and cloth diapering!!!
    I would highly recommend attending a La Leche League meeting while you’re pregnant. It can really help to prepare you for breastfeeding by talking to mothers who have done it. You can find a local meeting here:
    It really helps to have already attended a meeting before the baby’s born. That way, if you do encounter difficulties, you will already know where to get help. That being said, not everyone has difficulties and some women are able to breastfeed very easily. Minimizing medical interventions during the birth can help, but nothing is guaranteed.
    I also recommend for second hand cloth diapers.
    Something else you may want to consider, if you haven’t already, is wearing your baby in a wrap, sling, or structured carrier instead of using a stroller. I bought a stroller before my son was born and I think we’ve used it about 5 times (he’s now 16 months old).


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Maire- Thanks so much for the info! I’ll have to attend a meeting. I’m addicted to diaperswappers- I could buy a million diapers there. 🙂 I’ve been pretty controlled though. 😉

    We got a Moby wrap and a Boba carrier- do you have experience with either of those?


  4. Oren says:

    There is nothing wrong without having all that stuff. All it means is that you will have fewer tools to help your baby calm down when they are crying. If you are willing to put in a little more effort, you can certainly get away without a swing.

    I also have found craigslist to be very helpful in finding cheap secondhand baby stuff


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