Protect your Debit and Credit Card Numbers from Fraud


75649981.jpgIt seems that fraud lately has just gotten out of hand. With the economy being in the toilet, people are now turning to stealing check card, credit card, and debit card numbers. The thieves have even gotten so high tech as to where they can now replicate the card with your number but “their” name on it. Scary, huh? I’ve seen a lot of this fraud happen lately to customers, and it’s sad to say, but you’ve got to be careful anywhere you use your card lately. If you follow these steps and use common sense you can do your best to minimize your risk of fraud.

Be observant any time you use your card. I just heard of a story where a friend’s husband when through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant and while the person at the window was waiting for an approval, the gentleman in the car was watching him on his cell phone. The worker was keying something in on his phone, and at the end, the customer realized that the last two numbers the person keyed in were the last two of his credit card! I am just amazed at people sometimes.

Be careful when you are shopping online. Obviously this is an important one, and one everyone should follow without saying. You may even want to think about purchasing a pre paid debit card to make purchases online. The only times I use my card to make purchases online are when I am paying bills or I know it is a legitimate company. Also, paypal may be a good option for businesses that take paypal.

Don’t use your card at a restaurant. I am so leary of people taking my card away and swiping it without me present. Who knows what they are doing with those numbers, and how secure is their system? There is a Mexican restaurant that was rumored to be selling credit and debit card numbers to criminals. Needless to say, I pay cash there.

Be very very careful at places like ATMs, Redbox, and other machines that swipe your debit card. There was an article about Redbox having thieves putting “skimmers” on the machines to steal your card information. Always inspect the machines before you put your card in.

As always, using common sense is the best rule of thumb. Of course, if you were a victim of theft, you would get your money back after filling out affidavits with the card issuer. Stay safe and shop smart! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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One thought on “Protect your Debit and Credit Card Numbers from Fraud

  1. Todd says:

    Maybe the answer is reloadable, or one-time-use cash cards. I don’t know what the fees are associated with them, but, I’m starting to think they might be the way to go.


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