Proof of Payment from National City Everyday Rewards Visa!


When I got the mail today, I had received my rebate check from my National City Everyday Rewards Visa! I am so excited! Of course, I had been checking my rebate amount each month when the statement came, so last month when the rebate balance was $99.25, I was a little bit bummed. (Once you hit $100, the check is mailed). I missed my check by $.25! I was patient, and received it with my statement this month.

I’m going to use this check to make a payment on that student loan. I’d love to go out and buy a new digital camera, but I’m going to be responsible and keep chiseling away our debt. It’s for the best.

Here’s my proof of payment:


I don’t know why, but I always enjoy seeing copies of people’s checks, especially when it involves them making money online, or easy money!

Do you think I should use the check for paying on the loan, or do something fun with it?

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