Pinecone Research Changing Their Payouts for “Grandfathered” Panelists


For many years I’ve participated in Pinecone Research. I enjoy being a panelist. They send you surveys and products to try and you get compensated for your time and energy by getting $5 per survey (unless it’s household questions) and $5 for every product you try. Well, I guess I should say you used to. About a year ago, they changed new sign ups to get paid $3 per survey and entered into a drawing to win $500. They have recently sent out a study to current members that were still getting the $5 basically telling them that they are changing everyone to $3 per survey and sweepstakes.

I think it sucks. Sure, there are times you answer questions and don’t get compensated for them, but they really aren’t that bad. There is an option to leave it at $5 a survey, but it basically says if you do that you probably won’t be getting very many surveys. I think I’m going to go ahead and change to the $3. Do I like it? No. But I enjoy being a panelist and a part of Pinecone Research and want to continue doing so.

Do you do Pinecone Research? What do you think of the recent changes? Is $3 good enough?

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7 thoughts on “Pinecone Research Changing Their Payouts for “Grandfathered” Panelists

  1. Grant says:

    I’ve only been a pinecone panelist for a few months now so I only expect the 3 dollars. I do think that rates should be going up not down. That is pretty lame in my opinion.


  2. Catherine says:

    I was a Pinecone member way back in the day (probably about 10 years ago now) and I remember the $5 surveys. I also remember that I maybe got 3 surveys a month. Tops. I re-signed up last year (my original account got lost in the shuffle of e-mail addresses) and I have gotten probably 1-2 surveys every WEEK. This is a huge improvement. I’m still making the same amount or more per month on surveys. The dollar value of each survey has gone down, but there are MORE of them! To me, this is worth it. I have the money go straight into my paypal account (to avoid that trip to the bank). Keep those surveys coming.


  3. Mrs Money says:

    Grant- I hear you! It stinks they are dropping the incentive. I went ahead and accepted today :(. At least I’ll still get some surveys!

    Catherine- I have been doing Pinecone research for probably 4 or 5 years now and I love being a panelist. I agree with you though- it seems like we get more surveys now. I didn’t think about it that way!


  4. Rae Rostorfer says:

    Hey I would be happy to just hooked up with Pinecone. I think that $3 is great. Let me know how and I am there.


  5. Mrs Money says:

    Rae- You just have to find a banner and sign up. If you google “Pinecone Research Banner” there are usually hints or sightings on the banners. Let me know if I can be of any more help!


  6. kim says:

    I was a member back in the $5 days, and then they changed me to $3 without even asking me if I wanted to keep the $5.It was annoying but I got used to it, at least they don’t waste your time by sending surveys you don’t qualify for.


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