Paying off those darn Student Loans!

Posted by Mrs Money on October 20th, 2008


The last time I updated, which was July 23, we owed $8,800.00 on our student loans. As of today, we only owe $7250! I can’t wait to get this loan paid off! I plan on getting it paid off by the end of the year next year. If we can get it paid off sooner, spectacular! Then it’s on to the car loan.  Whew.  All of our extra money is going to go towards paying off debt because I feel we have a pretty padded emergency fund currently.

No spending month has taught me a few invaluable things. 

  • We can live on a lot less than we thought we could.  We weren’t horrible about spending money frivolously, but there was definitely room to tighten the belts.
  • There are many activities I can do to keep myself busy and not spend money.  Honestly, I feel better when I do those things!  I think of all the money I’m saving and putting towards debt.
  • I’ve learned that I like cooking.  Before, we’d go out to eat or Mr. Money would cook.  Now, I’m doing more cooking and baking and I really enjoy it!

I can’t wait until my tracker says 50%!
Let’s hope by the end of the year!

What is your priority “debt snowball”?

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