Paying off that Student Loan- update!


I am so proud to announce that we owe less than $9,000 on the student loan! Lately, every little extra “snowflake” money I get, I am putting towards this. It feels good to be under a “monumental” number, like the thousands. I am debating whether or not to put some of the stimulus money towards it. I am also expecting my quarterly bonus on the 15th of next month, so I may put that towards it too. At least some of it!

It feels really good to be making progress on paying off this debt. I’ve been worried more about saving lately, and a lot of our extra money has been going right into savings. I think tonight I’m going to sit down and create the sub accounts with ING that I’ve been meaning to. I am not a spreadsheet person! I like to have it all visualized for me. Once I get that done, I’ll have a better idea of how much money I have allotted for each fund, and then go from there. I think it will work better for me.

Only $8800 left!

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