Why Use Rescue One Financial Services

by Mrs Money

When finances are tough and you need help there are not a lot of people out there trying to help you. Rescue One Financial of Irvine, California is one of the few out there that is going help you through time financial times in your life.

Managing finances is an elusive field that many people struggle with at some point in their lives. To bridge the gap that exists and help you in your financial situations, it is advisable to seek the aid of professionals. This is where Rescue One Financial will literally race to your rescue. Managing your financial huddles is a field we have loads of experience in, an art we have perfected. Our array of financial consultants are experienced and professional. Our services include; provision of debt resolution and debt management solutions, and we offer both personal and business loans.

Debt Management

Many people and families face numerous financial challenges and find themselves with a mountain of debt to settle. With uncertainties in financial stability, high unsecured debts with high interest rates to service can seem like an impossible task.

At Rescue One Financial, we assess your situation and if you qualify, we recruit you into the debt management program to help you settle your debt smoothly. In this program, a repayment schedule is designed by us for you as a client in negotiation with your creditors to enable the repayment of unsecured debts in a manageable way. Unsecured debts include those that are not tied to any asset, credit and charge cards, and credit lines. In this program, a professional from our team is assigned to you to walk you through what is expected, the conditions that must be met, and answer your questions and address your concerns. We then take it upon us to hold your hand and walk with you through the journey to a debt free world.

Debt Resolution

For debtors who are unable to repay their debts, trying to do it by yourself and ignoring the help debt settlement professionals can bring to the table is detrimental.

Bring in the exceptional service and expertise offered by a team of professionals from Rescue One Financial. Call us or fill our online application about that debt and poor credit score, we are here to help you. We will assign you a consultant who will tailor one of our Rescue One Financial programs to your needs to help you resolve your debt. We work within the law, and we uphold high standards of integrity and ethics. You can trust us, we were honored to be voted the top place to work in Orange County California.

Personal Loans

Looking for a financing for that dream car? Or moving to a bigger house? Or maybe upgrading your home? We got your back, we understand your needs. Read the positive and 5 star reviews on Rescue One Financial as they offer personal loans, with quick processing timelines. The convenience of borrowing with us lies in the numerous benefits, such as; firstly, you can access your funds in as early as one business day. Secondly, no early payment penalties, no hidden charges or balance requirements. Thirdly, we fix our monthly payments at a reasonable amount and the rates are guaranteed to remain constant throughout the loan life.

Business Loans

Just like you, we are owners of a business, that makes us support your business when you need us. We understand the language and dynamics of business, we understand the gaps between cash flows and payments. Let us help you do more business by bridging the gaps and exist, sustain and expand your business with a stress free financial partner. Our requirements are simple and include; name of your establishment, time since its inception, gross revenue, loan amount, and contact details. Our rates are affordable. Our repayment program is considerate.


At Rescue One Financial, we offer you the financial assistance you require to make your life more comfortable. Whether it is a debt that you are struggling with or you need a loan to fix a particular aspect of your life, we are your partner. Our consultants are professional, dedicated and are happy to help you. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs, and walk with you all the way.


Why Running Profits in Online CFD Trading?

by Mrs Money

Managing your risk/reward ratio is important, but it is also important to know how to make the most of your profits when the market moves in your favour. Learn how you can do so.

Have you ever tried surfing or body boarding? A beginner will be quite happy with the feeling of being pushed by a little wave near the shore but, as you progress and get more skillful, what you really want is to catch a wave and ride it on your board.

It is similar to what happens in online CFD trading (see more here). At the beginning you may get excited when you see that the strategy that you planned is working as you presumed and as it reaches the stop loss point you set you make your profit.

On principle there is nothing wrong on that. Or is it?

Riding the Wave Is More Fun

Well, let’s go back to the body board example. It is true, it can be scary to realise you are gaining speed as you are being pushed by a big wave, but is it not just what you wanted?

In the online CFD trading world, what you want is not speed but profits. While it is thrilling to see how the market performs as you expected and your strategy is moving you in the right direction, you should control your emotions and avoid panicking as you get momentum, maybe thinking that you could lose what you have already gained.

Instead, think, rationalise. Ask yourself: “Is there any good technical or fundamental reason to close my position?” If not, you might as well leave it open and run your profits.

The principle is: If your position is a wining one, let it run as far as you can to make your profits bigger. Even if you have to fight your emotions and you fear of losing what you have already achieved. If it is not broken don’t fix it, basically.

Now, what things can you do to run your profits?

Ways You Can Run Your Profits in Online CFD Trading

Move your Stop Loss. If you don’t want to be all the time looking at the screen of your computer, the first thing you have to do is to shift your stop loss order. Doing this will protect you from losses and, at the same time allow the position to move to get more profit. Depending on whether you are going long or short, you will have to move the stop loss in the same direction that the trend is moving.

Actively mange your position. This is another option that could be suitable for you but requires all your attention to what happens on the screen. Actively managing your position refers to not setting automatic stop loss points but rather being there to manually press the eject button when the time comes. Still, you can move your stop loss, or try scaling in or out as part of your active management of your position.

The bottom line is: Make the most of a winning position but keep an eye on what is happening forany change in fundamental or technical reversal, being ready to exit and take profit.

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