The Top Ways of Making an Extra Income While Studying

by Kaylie Phelps

Making money as a student is especially important to keep on top of your finances. Studying takes a lot of time out of the week and sometimes falling into a fiscal crisis as a student is often what happens to many. If you’re a student and you’re looking for ways to earn an extra income from home to help better your finances, have a look at some of the most popular ways below.

Start Your Own Blog

It doesn’t matter what your interests or hobbies are, starting a blog can end up being a good money maker. For example, if you’re using one of the doctor of nurse practitioner programs to obtain a nurse practitioner doctorate degree at Bradley University, you could start a blog to talk about your experience and maybe to help other students following the same path. The world is your oyster when it comes to starting a blog to make money, and although it takes time to make money, it could prove to be worth it during your studies.

Create an Affiliate Site

One of the most effective ways of making money from home is to start an affiliate site which
promotes products for other businesses around the world. This is relatively easy to start; however, you’ll still need to market like crazy in return for results. It’s currently one of the most profitable ways of earning an income from home and you’ll find many people have made thousands of dollars every month from doing so.

Take Online Surveys

While it’s a slow money earner from the comfort of your own home, taking online surveys has been known to be a sure way of earning an extra income. Thousands of sites are looking for people just like you to fill in surveys in return for some money. It’s not going to get you rich, but it’s one of the few ways that work. One of the main benefits is that you can do it in your own time so it isn’t going to interfere with your studies or university.

Get Crafty

If you’re a creative person you could well use your ability to earn an income by making arts and crafts. There are hundreds of sites that can put you in direct contact with customers. Etsy is just one of the many sites. Have a look at this list to find sites so you can increase your profit margins and get more exposure for your products.

Go and Surf the Web

There are, in fact, many sites that will pay you to surf and browse the web as you normally would. Businesses pay you to watch videos and click on advertisements and although it’s not a quick way of making money, it can provide a nice flow of cash towards your bank every month.

The above ways are just some of the well-known ways of making money from the comfort of your own home. How much money you earn will depend on your motivation and determination to achieve financial freedom. However, by using the above money-making methods you can be sure you’re going to earn extra income whilst you’re studying hard.


3 surprising businesses you should consider buying

by Mrs Money

Buying an existing business can provide you a degree of comfort when compared to starting a business from scratch as there will be a financial and operations history to evaluate. As the purchaser, you’ll be able to learn from the businesses successes and mistakes, and eliminate the hassles that come with a start-up. You’ll also benefit from having existing employees in place, relationships with suppliers and hopefully, a healthy customer base. But what sort of business should you buy? If you’re feeling lost as you look aimlessly through business listings searching for a good hotel for sale, a thriving franchise or a boutique shop ready to be taken over, perhaps it’s time you consider these 3 surprising business opportunities.

1. Aged care services
As an aging population, aged care services are in more demand than ever before outstripping supply. In the United States, 75 million Americans born in the baby-boomer generation are retried or close to retirement. In Canada, by 2031 the population of seniors is expected to be 23% rising from the 15% in 2011. It’s a similar situation in the UK and Australia where the number of people over the age of 65 years is climbing.

This aging population creates a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to buy into a senior-oriented business. This could include catering, cleaning, delivery and driving services, or even pet walking. If you’re considering purchasing a business in this area, look for one that assists seniors to remain at home. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, nearly 90% of elderly people wish to remain independent, living in their own homes rather than moving into retirement accommodation.

2. Meditation & Mindfulness Training
There is a growing number of corporate businesses investing in the welfare of their employees. In 2015, 70% of U.S. employers offered a wellness program, increasing from 58% in 2008 as corporations look to reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity. IBISWorld states over the next five years, the industry revenue is expected to rise as more companies increase the scope of their wellness programs. The current trend is for businesses to purchase the services from corporate wellness companies.

One such services that seems to be taking over the corporate world thanks to major corporations like Google is meditation and mindfulness. With numerous studies showing mindfulness can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, it’s no wonder the practice is being offered in the high flying corporate sector. Buying a business that offers meditation training services to corporations in their workplace could become a very profitable venture.

3. Pet care
The latest statistics from IBISWorld reveal the 2016 revenue from pet grooming and boarding services was nearly $8 billion in the U.S. This figure is projected to grow by 7 percent annually until 2021 making it a great industry to invest in.

In homes across Canada and the U.S. there are over 50 million dogs and plenty of owners willing to spend their hard-earned cash pampering their pooches. Businesses to consider in the pet care industry include grooming, walking, pet sitting or even a pet product store. The beauty of buying a business in the pet car industry is that you can choose to operate from a brick and motor store or run a mobile business. Mobile dog grooming businesses for example, can service those at their workplace, people with busy schedules and senior neighbourhoods. They’re also a great business to target those pet owners whose dog becomes too stressed outside of its home environment. Plenty of opportunities to be had if you get creative!

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