United Debt Counselors Adopts Untraditional Approach for a Frisco, Texas Based Company

by Kaylie Phelps

United Debt Counselors (UDC) has adopted an untraditional approach to business in an increasingly technological commercial environment. The firm is committed to having representatives meet with potential customers in person prior to the consumers deciding whether to hire the company to assist with debt settlement. UDC says that its commitment to on-hand customer service is a result of industry competitors trying to cut costs at the expense of customers who desire interaction with company representatives prior to making big decisions.

“For years the debt relief industry has seen firms trying to cut costs by streamlining their business through online portals,” a spokesperson said, “While this an effective way to reduce internal expenditure, it forgets the most important aspect of any business – the customer. UDC is committed to having fact-to- face meetings with all of our clients prior to them making any decision on whether they are sure that they would like to pursue a debt settlement plan.”

UDC claims this face-to- face interaction ensures that clients are fully aware of the conditions of the debt relief package they are pursuing. “Many customers come to us with bad experiences with previous debt relief companies they have dealt with. Often, firms have individuals sign up for plans online without clients fully understanding the agreement they are involved with. This creates unnecessary complications down the line when settlements are not what customers were expecting,” the spokesperson says.

UDC employs a host of field representatives across the nation. The majority of these representatives are located in financial hubs that are densely populated – such as New York, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. These representatives travel within their regions to meet with current and potential clients to discuss potential debt settlement plans. UDC specializes in aiding clients in relieving themselves from the burden of high-interest credit card debt and fixed term unsecured loans.

“Our approach to client management definitely comes at a cost,” a spokesperson said, “But we feel that the net-gain over a prolonged period of time is worth the investment. We imagine that we have substantially higher client satisfaction and retention rates than many of our competitors. We believe this is due to our ability to meet with individuals as part of their decision in choosing their debt relief partner.”

United Debt Counselors Aiming to Alleviate High-Interest Credit Card Debt

United Debt Counselors is aiming to help clients escape high interest credit card debt within the United States. The debt settlement company, which is based in Frisco, Texas, is hoping that individuals currently stuck in the cyclical debt cycle will become aware of potential options to reduce their debt.

“Because of easy access to credit, many United States credit card owners have found themselves with credit card debt levels they are unable to handle,” a company spokesperson says, “But what many people don’t realize is that there are plenty of debt relief experts that can help them work to lower their debt.”

Debt settlement companies typically aim to provide clients with relief anywhere between 24 and 48 months.

“We really enjoy helping our clients escape the clasps of high-interest credit card debt,” a company spokesperson said, “Too often we see individuals stuck in a rut; we want to help individuals reduce the debt that they have accumulated.”

Average family credit card debt in the United States surpassed $15,000 in 2014, which number has continued to rise over the past three years. This means that the total amount of revolving credit card debt in the United States is just under $1 trillion. This figure is particularly worrying given the high interest rates issued for these levels of debt. Debt settlement companies have helped families escape the debt they have taken on during the recently depressed economy.

“Families were forced to take on additional debt when the economy stagnated after 2007,” according to United Debt Counselors Spokesperson Corinne Maples, “We understand that economic circumstances have hit consumers hard, and our goal is to assist in obtaining relief for our customers.”

United Debt Counselors offers to help consumers interested in debt settlement – to find out more information head to their URL at http://www.uniteddebtcounselors.com/.


The World’s Food Going To Pigs Because Of Technology

by Mrs Money

The world’s food is going to pigs because of tech and not in a bad way. Technological advancements in the ways that people make food have led to an increase in the amount of food produced. Yes there is still expansion of fields into essential rain forest. But that is just greedy farmers. A system that is designed to unilaterally make “them” richer. Sounds like another conspiracy theory I know.

But bear with us another 30 seconds and we will prove my case.

The fact that world incomes are on the increase cannot be disputed. Just look at the number of people that play real money online casino games as a hobby. Already the world produces more corn and soya beans than is required for human consumption. The extra demand for agricultural produce comes from the meat production industry. A larger quantity of the food that is produced on Earth is used to manufacture protein and other animal products.

The largest consumer of the outputs of cereal farming is the pig industry. Yes pigs are eating a large chunk of all the food we produce each year. The production of pork offers one of the best return on inputs invested. This is because swine are great at converting of feed into body mass. And the pigs have very high reproductive rates. Thus it makes sense to invest in pigs as they will give the best value from the investment.

Still sounding the raving’s of a conspiracy theory? Now technology advancements are making it easier to produce food. Precision agriculture methods are allowing for increased resource efficiency by enabling farmers to put the right input in the recommended quantity at the correct time. Genetic modification has now managed to reduce the cost of crop production. By creating crops that are resistant to attacks from pests and diseases.

Raising world incomes especially in China and India are exerting more demand pressure on agriculture produce. This is because people have developed a taste for richer food which they can now afford.

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