5 of the Highest Paying Accountancy Jobs in the United States

by Kaylie Phelps

If you’re good with numbers and you see yourself working within an office environment throughout your career, landing a job in the accountancy industry will do you many favors. Not only does the industry offer many career opportunities in various sectors and industries but you’ll also find it’s much easier to get onto the accountancy career ladder when compared with other careers. If you’re looking for reasons to start a career as an accountant, have a look at some of the salaries on offer from some of the highest paying accountancy jobs available.

1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Becoming a CFO isn’t going to come without its challenges and you’ll need to be at least an
accountant manager with a host of experience serving the industry. However, with a median salary of $120,449 on offer, setting targets to become a CFO in the future will pay dividends. You’ll oversee all financial operations and it’s you who’ll make the important decisions to take the business forward.

2. Accounting Professor

If you feel that a teaching role is more up your street, becoming an accounting professor may
provide more benefits. Once you’ve completed your necessary masters in accounting (an online
accounting degree is a good choice) and the other relevant degrees via the UAB Collat School of Business, you could find yourself in a learning role that teaches others more about the world of accounting. A median salary of $113,089 is very much possible in this field, but top professionals have been known to earn nearly $250,000.

3. Corporate Controller

As a corporate controller, you’ll have a lot of responsibility within an organization – and that’s why you’ll be rewarded with a top salary package that could see you earn anything between $80,000 – $200,000 per year depending on the industry you work in. Tracking and monitoring financial processes is a big part of the job, so you’ll be well challenged every day should you opt for a career as a corporate controller.

4. Information Systems Accountant

If you prefer a more technical role that includes working with data and computers, a role as an Information Systems Accountant would suit you. Creating detailed reports, analyzing previous reports and auditing are just some of the daily tasks you’ll oversee. With an industry that is expected to grow well into the 2020s and a basic salary of more than $80,000 on offer, becoming an Information Systems Accountant should be a strong consideration if you like technology and working with numbers.

5. Compliance Officer

If you want to work in an office environment but at the same time, you’d like to mix up your week by visiting other organizations, becoming a compliance officer should be considered. As a compliance officer, it’s your job to determine whether an organization follows national and state trading laws. You can expect to earn over $60,000 on average as a compliance officer.
There are hundreds of various careers available in the finance/accounting industry, so you’ll never be short of choice once you’ve obtained the relevant degrees. With more and more businesses starting every month, becoming an accountant could be one of the top career choices for a competitive salary.


5 Financial Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in the IT Industry

by Kaylie Phelps

If you’re at a crossroads in your life and you’re unsure about which career path to take, a career in IT could be the solution. Not all people are suitable for jobs in the IT industry, but those who are, have the potential to benefit financially in different ways. Below are five good financial reasons why you should consider working in the IT industry.

1. You Can Avoid a Large Student Debt After Graduating

Unfortunately, student debt is part and parcel of student life for a large number of students and it can take many years for a graduate to pay off this debt. However, in recent years a wide range of online IT courses, such as the MSSD online program have been developed by the technical departments of many of the world’s leading universities and colleges.
The fees for an online course like an online masters in software development are usually much more affordable than they are for a more traditional, classroom-based course. As well as this, you can study when and where you want, which can dramatically reduce your expenditure while you are completing one of these online programs.

2. You Can Work While You Learn

Unlike many other disciplines, you can put your new IT skills and knowledge to good use before you even graduate. A wide range of individuals and businesses are always on the lookout for people with technical skills who can help them by offering freelance services. The income you make while you’re studying for an IT-related course can be used to pay off any student debts you may have or allow you to avoid getting into debt altogether.

3. IT Professionals Are in High-demand

Once you graduate with an accredited IT-related qualification, your services will be in high demand. You can work in a wide range of technical fields including computer programming, web design, IT security, networking, and IT management. These positions usually come with a substantial salary, with IT pay levels higher than they are in many other industries.

4. You Have Plenty of Opportunities to Advance in this Sector

After getting some experience in the IT sector, there are many opportunities to get promoted and move into even higher paying positions. Some IT professionals start to specialize and some take on more responsibilities and move into management roles.

5. You Will Have More Stability in Your Life

If you’re worried about the future and want more financial stability, a career in IT will give you much more peace of mind. As well as having a higher income, most IT professionals also get generous benefit packages from their employers, including pension contributions, share options, and other financial incentives.

A career in IT includes many financial rewards, which makes it an attractive career path for many people. Once you feel that you are suitable for this type of work, you can become the latest person to benefit financially from working in this busy and important industry.


What Are Quick Loans and How Can You Get One?

by Mrs Money

Quick loans are a blessing in disguise for all those who face unexpected expenses that require
immediate action. In such a situation, having a money lender that trusts you and transfers the
desired funds to your bank account in a relatively short period of time will save you from mental and emotional turmoil.

It is common to experience a financial setback at some point in life, affecting your stability. Irrespective of how careful you have been and how much you have saved in your lifetime, a financial crunch can be extremely traumatizing.

A financial setback can be caused by numerous events, including a car breakdown, an appliance in need of repair or a larger-than- normal bill can leave you short of funds. Individuals can rely on quick online loan service providers to efficiently deal with the problem.

The question that arises here is – what is a quick loan?

Primarily, a quick loan is an immediate loan that can be acquired by filling a brief online application. Once the application is submitted to an online loan provider, they make a quick decision in compliance with the initial assessment deciding whether they can lend money to your or not. Such online quick loan services have a fast decision turnaround time, making it convenient in time of need. A useful resource that will give you a better understanding of how quick loans work is: https://www.118118money.com/quick-loans/ which tells you all you need to know.

While such loans may sound enticing for all those who need money quickly in their bank accounts, they can be a risky choice, causing further financial debts and damage. Generally, the APR (annual percentage rate) is quite high, making it difficult to pay back.

Understanding Quick Loans

Today, many lenders in the United Kingdom offer quick loans to clients. Such loans are often
referred to as instant loans. Depending on the company you work with, the decision to grant you a loan may be processed in just 15 minutes.

The online form on such websites is the assessment criteria for the quick loan. You will be asked by the lender about your desired amount on the form. Moreover, some vendors may also ask about the number of installments you would require for paying back the loan, while others may have a flexible repayment strategy.

If you are looking for a quick loan, it is important to evaluate your potential options. As all lenders are different, the terms for a loan may vary. For instance, the duration of the loans, terms and nature of the APR have a strong impact on your overall stability. Thereby, it is increasingly important to opt for a lender that you trust wholeheartedly.

Eligibility Criteria for a Quick Loan

If you have already tried your luck with a local bank, then you need not worry. Opting for a lending service that offers quick loans can help. Such companies do not look at an applicant’s credit profile, making loan acquisition easier. The criteria is simple, a quick loan service will approve your loan if they are sure that you will be able to repay your debts.

Generally, a quick loan service will check whether you are a resident in the United Kingdom aged between 18 -70. They will further check your employment status to evaluate your eligibility. You will require a bank account in the United Kingdom with a debit card. Lastly, your net monthly income should exceed £700.

What’s the Downside?

While instant loans may seem like a quick fix, it is not a good idea for those who struggle with clearing their debts. For instance, some lenders may give you an offer with an APR of 1000% – this means that you will make an extremely hefty repayment which will be a lot more than what you expect. Thereby, before you decide to opt for a quick loan it is extremely important to conduct some depth research, evaluating potential options that will be easier for you to manage.

A quick loan is an instant financial solution that comes with its fair share of shortcomings. However, by strategically choosing the right lender with flexible terms can make a substantial difference.

In a nutshell, a quick loan is suitable for all those who are certain that they will be able to make the repayment. Acquiring a loan and not being able to make the payment can further damage your financial stability. Furthermore, it is increasingly important to choose a reliable lender with flexible terms to make the experience smooth and hassle-free.

Many online scams have surfaced recently where fraudulent lenders have misused and cheated
applicants. Thus, to prevent yourself from further damage make sure to opt for a reliable quick loan

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