Three Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Chose a Silver IRA

by Kaylie Phelps

Even though choosing the silver option for my IRA was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made, it clearly wasn’t the smartest. Without proper reference or research, I saved all my retirement funds as silver. Of course it was a lucrative and safe method in this unpredictable economic climate when compared to alternatives such as shares and bonds but it took me a while to realize how to make better use of my silver IRA. Since it was too late, I was not unable to benefit from it financially. So, here is some information on silver IRA that you need to bear in mind as a retirement investor.

1. It is completely risk-free

I spent half my retirement time worrying about the safety of my investment when there was absolutely no need to do so. Your savings are 100% protected in the form of silver in any economic situation. It definitely is the safest option when compared to other unpredictable IRA options such as bonds, shares and assets, which are more susceptible for heavy changes in value for even a slight economic mishap. Therefore, you do not have to carry around your burden like I did, since as long as your savings is stored as silver, it is safe. Even if your savings is in gold or cash, you can use a silver IRA rollover to convert it to silver.

2. Cost doesn’t matter

Most of my friends advised me to open a Gold IRA since it is the most expensive metal.  Thankfully, my professional retirement counselor asked me to try out silver. Since I trusted the man’s words I did not look much into it but now that I know its advantages, I’m frankly ashamed of my ignorance. You must know that silver can be stored in several forms. The most predominantly used forms are coins and bars. I invested all my savings as silver coins, since it seemed fancier. But apparently, it wasn’t. Silver bars are much preferred in the market since they offer great value in small quantity/weight. Furthermore, if you are looking to invest your retirement savings on a new business venture, Silver IRA offers more diverse options. Since I planned to retire once and for all, it really didn’t affect me.

3. Diversification is important

Just because Silver IRA is good, it doesn’t mean you must dump all your savings in one hole.  Investing your retirement savings in various forms is much wiser. If you are uncomfortable handling a variety of types, Focus on multiple precious metals in the least. This ensures that the boat will survive even if the captain goes down. In simple terms, if there is an unexpected drop of value in silver, your retirement fund will still be secure to a certain extent. Unfortunately for myself, I learned this truth the hard way.

I would have greatly benefited from my IRA if I had done my research at the right time. So whether it is silver, gold or platinum, make sure to do enough and more research to avoid a regretful retirement experience.


Personal Loans For When You Need Extra Help

by Kaylie Phelps

When you aren’t capable of contributing to a savings account, it can be difficult to come up with the money to pay for surprise expenses. Even if you have managed to put a little bit away, your surprise visit to the dentist can be too much for your meagre savings. If you don’t have the luxury of a safety net to help you cover unexpected expenses, look to reliable online lenders for help. They can set you up with a manageable small dollar loan or line of credit to help you pay off the dentist.

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 7.31.45 PM

Not everyone needs a loan due to a date with a dentist, however. A variety of occasions, emergencies, and even must-have items can cause you to drift from your budget. No two cases are alike, so there should be a variety of loans (with different terms) to fit each individual case. Responsible online lenders understand that people, depending on their situation, need flexible options to acquire the necessary cash without setting up anyone for failure.

Single-pay loans are perfect for small hiccoughs in your budget and are expected to be repaid in one lump sum by the date of your next paycheck. A flex-pay installment loan is a great alternative for those who can’t repay their loan in one sum. For those who choose this option, you can repay your small loan in scheduled installments according to an agreed-upon timetable. By offering a longer repayment term, flex-pay loans can give you a little breathing space between paychecks. First-time borrowers can be approved for loans of $200 – $500, but returning customers may be eligible for more.

A personal line of credit is another option direct online lenders offer, and it is a great opportunity for those who have very tight monthly budgets. With this loan option, you’re allotted up to $1,000 to use at your discretion at any time. So when a sudden emergency crops up and eats at your budget you’ll have access to extra funds. You only have to pay fees and interests on the amount you have outstanding so it’s a remarkable tool in your financial battery.

To make sure you have the right online lender in your arsenal, you need to do some research.  Never choose to go with the average “payday” loan company, as convenient short-term loans should only be obtained by credible organizations that want to assign you a loan that you can manage. Search and compare company websites, looking at the loans that they offer and the related interest rates and terms. You should also take the time to look towards your finances, so you understand exactly what’s within your lending limit. As important as it is to find a lender who will encourage responsible lending habits, you have to follow these habits properly.

As the leading direct online lender in several states across the country, MoneyKey is a reliable organization that will give you the best terms possible. They understand how convenience and expediency are crucial for a loan, so they’ve developed a process that is quick and easy to complete. Because they don’t include intermediary companies to facilitate your loan, they can approve your application quickly and get the funds to you within one business day. Check out to see why a direct online lender is the better choice.

When you secure a small dollar loan from a reliable lending organization, you can breathe easy. You won’t have to worry about covering those sudden expenses that you can’t afford; nor will you have to worry about being locked into a loan you can’t pay back. As long as you borrow wisely and secure a loan from a reliable source, you can make it through those trying financial times.

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