Reasons Why the Top 1% Should Be More Involved Within the Community

by Mrs Money

The richest people in the world are often targeted for a variety of reasons. While some can attribute the disdain to jealousy, it’s usually the actions and comments of those with money that gets the most attention. Although there are a few individuals that make headlines now and then for their generosity, there could be more that can be done. Why would it be in the best interests of these wealthy people to connect deeper to communities?

Marketing Advantages

From a capitalist’s point of view, the marketing aspect of being generous should be cause enough to donate large sums of money. When a wealthy individual donates or helps raise funds for an organization, many times it’s covered by the media. Not only does this highlight the person’s name as a donor, but it’s shameless advertising for the companies that this person is involved. This doesn’t have to be seen as a negative aspect when you consider the ramifications of what it could entail. For instance, it could be a superb method to raise awareness for a charity or help kickstart an organization.

Enlightening Others

Those that donate large sums of money to various needs are helping organizations enlighten existence for others. In a sense, it could be akin to capturing immortality for your good deeds. Director John Studzinski assisted the London museum to help pay for it’s new wing. Depending on how long this establishment remains standing, Studzinski’s contribution will benefit droves of people for years to come.

It’s There, Why Not Use It?

When you have an extraordinary amount of money, it’s less of an imposition to donate. As long as you can maintain your lifestyle, what’s the harm in helping others realize their dreams or even putting food on the table? For most of the top one percent, more than half of their assets can be donated while still providing a lifestyle of the rich and famous. While many of these individuals seem to be in a race to accumulate the most wealth, it all boils down to how you feel about your life at the end of the day. How much money does it take to make you truly happy?

Tax Deductions

Many of the top one percent are concerned when taxes and liabilities are talked about in media. A lot of these people enjoy the loopholes and benefits of being ultra-rich. Even if higher tax rates were imposed on these individuals, deductions are still an outlet that can help balance the imposition. For instance, many charitable donations are tax deductible regardless of how much money you make. Why not give it to those in need instead of being penalized for amassing wealth?

Growing Your Own Consumers

The more money people have in their pockets, the more likely they are going to spend. As opposed to “trickle down” economics, handing it directly to the community gives them an immediate power to buy goods. Regardless of your business niche, growing your consumer-base in such a way can help build job security for your organization. What would happen if the majority of the people simply could not pay for goods and services? In a sense, you are hurting your own consumers by not helping to improve society potentially putting your companies at risk.

By using a fraction of the wealth from the top one percent, society can be improved upon in a variety of ways. From assisting in economic development to marketing the brand name, charitable acts can go a long way within communities. Once these people realize that their wealth depends on the wellbeing of those under them, life could become enriched for everyone involved.


Is It A Good Idea To Take Advantage Of A Gold IRA Rollover?

by Mrs Money

Today’s market seems like a great place to invest. Throughout the past several years, we’ve seen a recovery like no other. However, one big question seems to be popping up everywhere. That question is, “Can the bull market sustain itself, or are we going to see the bears coming in soon?” That’s a serious question when you start to think about your retirement investments. The reality is that if you’re in a traditional IRA and the bears do come rolling in, you could lose a good amount of money you were planning on using for retirement. So, today, we’re going to take a look at 3 major factors to see if the bears are coming soon; if so, a gold IRA rollover might just be a good idea after all.

Analyzing Market Sustainability

When I analyze whether or not the market will continue to move in the same direction, I like to look at current activity in the stock market, worldwide economic conditions, and geopolitical conditions. So, let’s see what’s going on with the three main factors.

Current Activity In The Stock Market – Currently, stock market activity seems great, but if we read between the lines, it tells us a different story. The fact that the bulls have been driving the stock market for a while is actually a double edged sword. While stock prices are nice and high, it’s also important to think about realistic valuations in comparison to earnings. Today, stocks are detrimentally overvalued based on corporate earnings. So, if you buy a stock today, you’re most likely going to over pay. This is one of the clear cut signs of a coming market correction.

Worldwide Economic Conditions – Thinking about the economy from our perspective, it’s easy to see that things are going well. However for the positive United States economy to continue to sustain itself the world economic outlook is going to have to get better. With regard to the economy, the bottom line is that one of our major trading partners, the Eurozone is struggling. As a matter of fact, the multi-country currency is swaying back and forth on the brink of a recession. If a recession was to happen in the Eurozone, it would definitely have a negative effect on United States markets.

Geopolitical Conditions – If you watch the news every day, you already know that geopolitical conditions aren’t at their best. Currently, we’re facing several main problems in the geopolitical sphere; including ISIS and other terrorist attacks, the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and the Saudi Arabia Oil price reduction done to put pressure on other countries.

Final Conclusion

After looking at the three major areas above, it’s easy to see that the stock market is indeed in danger of a correction; in which case, many with traditional IRAs will lose money! However, in down market times, the value of gold tends to go up. Therefore, by taking advantage of a gold IRA rollover now, you’ve got the ability to protect your investments from losses and actually realize gains if a correction does happen.

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