2015 Goals

by Mrs Money

Now that it’s 2015, I’d like to get our financial and life goals written down so we’ll have focus.  It is really hard for me when I don’t have some idea of what my goals are.  I feel like I’m lost!  Mr. Money and I discussed the things that are important to us, and where we’d like to be in a few years.  Here are some of the things we touched decided we’d like to accomplish:

-Pay $5,000 down on the principal of our house.  According to the amortization, this puts us ahead.  We decided that paying off our house is probably not the number one priority for us.  There are other things we need to do with our money: save for retirement and Penny’s education, to name a couple.  $5,000 is still good progress, and I’ll honestly be happy if we accomplish this!

-Save more money for retirement each month.  Mr. Money and I have IRAs through Vanguard that we’re going to be contributing to.  This year I finally consolidated ALL of our retirement accounts so I have a Traditional IRA and ROTH IRA, and Mr. Money has a ROTH IRA.  It’s such a relief to have all of our retirement assets in one place.  I should have done it earlier but oh well!

-Save more money for Penny.  We put money in her savings account when her piggy bank gets full, and my parents/family will send her a few bucks every once in awhile and that gets deposited in there too.  I don’t think kids need a ton of toys, so we’re very appreciative when she gets money instead of toys!

-Take a nice family vacation/anniversary trip.  Our 10 year wedding anniversary is this year, and I’d love to be able to do something to celebrate.  My ideal vacation would be to go back to the city in Colorado that we met and fell in love with but we’ll have to see what we can afford when the time comes.  I should start saving for that now ;)

-Get outdoors more.  It’s hard to get out with the weather where we live sometimes, but I need to stop making excuses and just do it! As a bonus, we’ll all be healthier and can spend some quality time together.

-Get really good at meal planning/cooking.  I do feel like I’ve really improved over the years, but this is a huge source of stress in my life and I’d like to simplify it as much as I can. I need to come up with a good system and stick with it.  It’s a vicious cycle when I don’t meal plan because then I’m stressed out every day about what we are going to eat!

It seems as though over the years I’ve gotten more simple with our goals.  I don’t know if there’s ever been a year where we’ve accomplished everything on our list that we wanted to, and that’s okay.  Sometimes I feel like I put way too much pressure on us and then get let down and that’s not good!

What are your 2015 goals?


2014 Goals Review

by Mrs Money

Happy New Year!!  I cannot believe it is 2015. I feel like I just wrote our 2014 goals!  For the past few years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.) I have made and updated our financial and life goals here on my site.  I’d like to review our 2014 goals and see how we did!  Here are our goals, and how we measured up.

-I’d like to get $5,000 paid down on the principal of our mortgage.  SUCCESS!  We actually paid off $5105.29 this year!  I didn’t make any huge extra principal payments- we refinanced last summer and went with a 20 year mortgage and because of that a lot more of our payment is going toward principal versus interest because of amortization.  Every month I do add a little bit extra to our normal payment so we are chipping away at the principal.  

-Replace the back roof. FAIL.  This is a good thing, though!  We had a roofer come out and he determined that the roof is actually in pretty good shape and didn’t need replacing.  Great news for our budget.  

-Replace 3 front windows. FAIL. This never happened.  Honestly, I wish Mr. Money was much better about this stuff and could do it all on his own.  I worry too much about this crap! 

-I need to set up a Christmas savings account so that I’m not stressing about money in December again next year. FAIL. Hah.  The other day I mentioned to Mr. Money that I needed to start this NOW for next year and he was like “You say this every year!”  I’m wondering if it would be easier for me to have a Christmas envelope and just put cash in it every time Mr. Money gets paid.  I think I may try that versus opening up a new savings account.

-I’d like to get pregnant in 2014!  FAIL. This we really didn’t have that much control over.  

-Save more money in general and be more aware of where our money goes.  SUCCESS! I’d say we did a pretty good job of this!

I think goals are always good to have as they help keep you focused and on track.  Mr. Money and I sat down the other day and talked about our goals and where we’d like to see ourselves in a few years.  I’m excited about the future!

How did you do with your 2014 Goals?

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