Structured Settlements – Saviors for Injured Clients

by Mrs Money

Structured settlements are highly preferred over lump sum settlement schemes. A structured settlement must be initiated by an agreement or suit for periodic payment of injuries excludable from gross earnings. Structured settlements can be established by an agreement for the scheduled payment of recompense under an employee’s compensation regulation under Internal Revenue Code Section. Structured settlements are scheduled payment schemes organized to avoid legal hassles on both sides, those of the claimant and the defendant.

Financing of structured settlements

The nature of structured settlements needs people to have patience to receive funding. However, there are several options to cash out or gain a cash advance over one’s scheduled settlement. Various legal financing firms may offer to purchase all of or just a part of one’s structured settlement or other scheduled annuity payouts in exchange of lump sum cash up front. Usually, these firms let one to switch, such as a scheduled settlement payout of over two decades to one (lower valued) payout currently.

Such financing may be utilized to initiate payment for a house, college fees or pay off an individual’s debts. This sort of financing requires approval of the judge and an insurance company. A buyer of structured settlement is a company or individual who purchases a pre-existing structured settlement. This sort of settlements may include payouts for lottery annuities or winnings.

Benefits provided by structured settlement companies

Structured settlement firms provide certain benefits. A major benefit of opting for structured settlement is avoiding any lawsuit. In an assigned case, the property/casualty company or defendant sustains the period payment agreement on its books. Accordingly, the property/casualty insurer or defendant transfers the agreement through a legal implement termed as a qualified assignment to a third party.

An assignment is termed as qualified in case, it quenches the criterion set forth under Internal Revenue Code Section. Qualification of the assignment is significant. Without qualification the amount received would be updated as taxable income as per rules of federal tax income.

In case an assignment qualifies, the amount accepted is excluded from the earnings of an assignment firm. The tax provision was initiated in order to encourage assignments, as without the qualification term assignment firms would owe federal income taxes but would be devoid of a source to make payments through.

Structured settlement as a purpose of mutual solicitation

Structured settlement initiates scheduled or period payments and thus, does not tend to be hassling for either the claimant or defendant or the companies involved in it. The procedure avoids any sort of legal hassles or filing lawsuit by meeting the demands of the claimant. This has made structured settlement more preferred and popular over lump sum settlements. The regulations over structured settlements vary according to state laws or the individual farm.

Structured settlements have emerged as beneficial periodical payment agreements over certain circumstances, which are efficient in meeting the genuine demands of the claimant and preventing the filing of lawsuit against the defendant or involving complicated court matters.


Contesting a Will After a Bereavement

by Guest

When a beloved family member dies, emotions are often running very high and a small grievance can quickly escalate into something much larger. Bereavements are always difficult to deal with, and this is particularly true if you feel as if you have been treated unfairly by the will that was left behind. Cases of wills being successfully challenged are becoming more commonplace, due to the growth of our ageing population.

The Validity of a Will

This is very strictly defined under English Law and a will must be made in writing and signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses. They must also attest and sign the will in his or her presence. In some circumstances, the will can be signed in the presence of the person making it and at his direction. A valid will can only be made by someone who has the mental capacity to understand what they are undertaking and the extent of their estate. This becomes very difficult if the testator is suffering from an illness like Alzheimer’s or is terminally ill and under the influence of heavy medication.

Successfully Challenging a Will

To successfully contest a will, you must be able to prove that the person making it did not know about, approve of or understand its content. Certain circumstances surrounding the will may make it vulnerable to investigation, including a carer preparing the will or the main beneficially preparing the will for the deceased. You can also successfully challenge a will if you can prove that the testator was coerced into making it and would otherwise have not written it as it appears. Coercion includes physical violence, the threat of physical violence or the isolation of the deceased from other members of the family or social or legal services.

Things to Remember

It’s important to act quickly if you believe a will to be invalid, before assets are liquidated, split up or given away to beneficiaries. Probate actions are usually expensive to pursue, small claims reaching up to £10,000 and £250,000 and beyond for larger claims that involve considerable assets. Contesting a will is never something that should be undertaken lighting, regardless of the difficult feelings that arise after bereavement. It’s very unusual for successful challenges to a will to include the charge of forgery, as this is very expensive and difficult to prove. If you want to know more about contesting a will and the legal assistance available, visit

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