Protecting Yourself and Getting Peace of Mind with Landlords Insurance

by Mrs Money

Have you ever heard a story of someone suffering financially because they didn’t take out insurance? There are some real horror stories out there, and you need to make sure that this does not happen to you by getting yourself covered. One of the more common ways people have to break the bank because they are liable is through their property, and this is particularly true if you are a landlord or if you have an unoccupied property. You may think that it is a wiser financial move to not take out insurance if it is not legally required, but this is not true as things can change very quickly and the recent flooding and storms are a good example of this. These floods and storms have resulted in a significant amount of property damage up and down the country, and this demonstrates how essential insurance is.

Landlords insurance is certainly a worthwhile investment to make if you own a property with tenants, and this is because it covers you like home insurance does but with additional cover for a few things. This includes earnings lost if the tenants have to move out because an insured event occurs, cover if a tenant injures themselves in the property, damage inflicted by a tenant and more. All of this is on top of what you would get with home insurance like flooding, storm, fire, explosion, theft, subsidence plus more, and with such a sufficient level of cover it really will mean you are protected if something were to happen.

Getting Expert Knowledge and Affordable Quotes

Insurance is always the wise investment to make and could save you a small fortune, but for it to be most effective you will need to find an insurance company that has expert knowledge and the best quotes, as this will give you a high level of protection and at affordable rates. For landlords and niche property insurance like empty building cover you can find specialist providers, such as UKinsurancenet, and companies like this will be able to give you the protection that you need. There are lots of issues and perils that could arise when you own a property and have tenants living there, but you can ensure that you do not need to worry about the financial strain that these could cause if they were to happen as you will be fully protected by your policy.


Start a Cleaning Routine

by Mrs Money

Keeping a clean house can certainly be a challenge, especially when you have little ones running around. A few weeks ago I decided I was tired of trying to clean my house from top to bottom every day and that something had to change. I decided that I would continue to tidy up every day, and save the deep cleaning for one room every day. That way, I was ensuring that the house was actually getting clean and I wasn’t getting overwhelmed.

There are certain things that need to be done every day or more often than once a week: sweep the kitchen, wash laundry, vacuum the floors etc. I sweep the kitchen when I see it needs to be swept; when Penny is in the bath I wipe down the counters, etc. I multi task to make the most of my time.

clean copy

Here is the schedule that I’ve come up with that works for me:
Monday: Kitchen
Tuesday: Bathrooms
Wednesday: Dining Room
Thursday: Living Room
Friday: Bedrooms

When I clean the kitchen, I wipe down the counter tops, make sure all dishes are washed and put away, and sweep and mop the floor. I also organize my pantry and make sure it’s not a huge mess. Now is also a good time for me to take inventory of what food we have and what we need. I make sure all the food in the refrigerator is good and wipe down the shelves if they need it.

Bathrooms are my least favorite because I feel like there are so many spots to clean. I sprinkle baking soda in the toilet, scrub the toilet bowl and let it sit for awhile. I then wipe off the counters, scrub the bathtubs/shower with my homemade soft scrub, and mop the floor.

In the dining room, I dust, wipe off the table, and sweep and mop the floor. This is the easiest room! It was also the most neglected room of all- I can’t remember the last time we mopped the floor in there! Of course after we eat dinner, we have to wipe the table off and sweep the floor because a certain tiny person likes to throw food on the floor. ;)

I dust, vacuum the rug, and straighten up the living room. I mop the hardwood floors and let them dry. I also go through the toys that are in the living room and put the ones that Penny isn’t playing with in her bedroom closet. Rotating toys works really well for us.

Bedrooms get the sheets changed, floors swept and mopped, and general straightening up. I make sure everything that is in the bedroom belongs in that room! I make sure that when I change the sheets that they get thrown into the washer pretty quickly so that they take the least amount of time possible to wash and dry.

This cleaning routine has worked pretty well for us for a few weeks now! I love having a set schedule to make sure everything gets clean.

Do you have a cleaning routine?

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