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Even when we were trying to conceive I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers.  When we finally got pregnant I started doing research (basically asking a million questions to one of my BFFs) and decided to go the simple route and try prefolds and covers. Prefolds are the cloth diapers you probably think of- the old fashioned ones your grandmother probably used.  The covers are a lot easier to use now and have snaps or aplix (velcro) that secure the diaper on the baby and keep the baby’s clothes dry.  There were many benefits for using prefolds:

1. They are cheap compared to other diapers like pocket diapers and all-in-ones.  I couldn’t afford $20 per diaper that would get used once and have to get washed. $1.50, I can handle that.  If one gets ruined, no big deal.  If I ruin a $20 diaper, I would cry.

2. They are natural cotton fibers, which come clean easier and rarely have stink issues.  Easy to take care of and wash!

3. There are many sizes to choose from, which makes a nice fit on the baby.

Overall, my biggest factor in choosing to use prefolds was the price.  We cloth diaper to save money, keep diapers out of the landfill, and keep chemicals away from our baby’s bottom.  I wanted to save as much money as possible but still be happy with cloth diapering.  Here is our current stash:

-24 Newborn prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers
-9 Newborn Proraps (covers)
-24 Infant prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers
-1 Bummis Super Brite Small Cover
-1 Thirsties Small cover
-7 Flip covers (one sized- fit baby from 7 lbs to potty training)
-7 BumGenius one size pocket diapers
-A few various covers and diapers I got from a friend

We started cloth diapering when our daughter was about a week old. We didn’t want to have to fool with the cloth when she was still passing meconium, and I didn’t want to be stressed about doing diaper laundry. Before she was born, I went back and forth on whether I would be buying newborn sized diapers because I didn’t know how big she would be. I am very thankful I did, because she is still wearing them at 6 weeks old!

I got over 20 free BumGenius diapers free off a message board I read. I just had to pay shipping. The diapers were very well loved and needed all the elastic and velcro replaced. After I repaired one diaper and saw how long it took, I sorted the diapers and passed on the ones I knew I wouldn’t be using to someone else. I kept 10 total, and still have 3 to repair.

So far we’re loving the cloth diapers. Penny seems to be happy when she’s in them, and even Mr. Money changes diapers! He’s got the prefold folds down, and it’s pretty awesome that he doesn’t complain about it. I’m very glad we decided to try the prefolds and covers right now! I may search for some used diapers if there are some different ones I want to try.

Would you use cloth diapers? Do you have any questions?

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