Organic Pesticide Recipe Recall


DO NOT USE THIS RECIPE. This is not a good recipe. I apologize in advance for posting it without testing, but I told you I’d update you with results, and I can assure you it’s NO GOOD. I thought the collards were bad yesterday, but I am much happier with holey collards than no collards at all!

Here’s a comparison.






Needless to say, don’t make the same mistake I did.  I’m hoping that my swiss chard and collard greens will come back to life.  I’m going to be heartbroken if they don’t.  Now I need to find a real recipe for a good organic pesticide.  Anyone have any ideas?



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3 thoughts on “Organic Pesticide Recipe Recall

  1. Miss M says:

    First try neem oil, 100% organic and natural. You might have to search for it a bit, don’t get the premixed only buy the straight oil and mix it yourself (much cheaper). You mix it with a little bit of dish soap and water and spray on the plants. I’ve used it for years with no harmful side effects. Neem is good for some diseases and pests, but not all. I also use insecticidal soap, you can get it at home depot. You might be more effective if you figure out what exactly is eating your plants. We also use lady bugs in the garden, they’ll eat anything smaller than they are. If you know what the pest is, a good garden center will help you with advice and organic controls you can try. Oh, and only spray in early morning or in the evening, helps prevent leaf burn.


  2. Mrs Money says:

    Miss M- thank you so much for your advice! I will have to look for some neem oil. I am so sad that this happened to my poor greens 🙁


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