No Poo Questions and Update


If you haven’t started to no poo your hair, you may want to consider doing it to save your body from chemicals and help keep cash in your wallet.  If you tried it once and it didn’t work for you, hopefully the no poo tips I’m going to go over today will help you make the transition easier.  There are a lot of questions that I get about going no poo, so I thought I’d address them here.

No poo for long hair

Before showering, use a boar bristle brush to brush your hair from your scalp to the ends. A natural bristle hairbrush will distribute the natural oils from your hair.  With long hair, you may need to use more baking soda and water mixture.  Doubling the recipe should work.

No Poo for Dry Hair

Cut back on the amount of baking soda you are using to wash your hair if your hair becomes dry.  You also may need to rinse with more of the apple cider vinegar conditioner.  Use a little coconut oil or even joboba oil on the ends of your hair to help combat static and the dryness.

White Residue in Hair

You’re using too much baking soda and it’s drying out your scalp and building up there.  Follow the original recipe for a few days and try to let your hair go at least two days between washings. You may need to do a deep conditioning treatment with the all natural conditioner.

Dandruff with No Poo

When you get dandruff, you may need to use some white vinegar and water to help your hair.  Use equal parts of vinegar and water, and run over your hair before doing the no poo routine.  This should help reduce dandruff.  You can also add some sea salt to a water mixture and use that to gently scrub your scalp and help exfoliate it.

The vinegar stinks!

If you can’t stand the smell of the vinegar, try adding some sticks of cinnamon to the apple cider vinegar and let it sit for a few days.  If you want other scented apple cider vinegar, you can use other herbs to make a vinegar infusion.  You could add hair conditioning herbs for a double benefit!

Herbs for Hair

Chamomile: Good for blonde hair.  The flowers help lighten the hair’s color.

Henna: Natural red hair dye.  I’ve used henna in the past with great results.  Be very careful when using it, because it can stain your bath tub!

Lemon: Helps strip hair of build up and lightens hair naturally.  Juice a lemon and add the juice to some warm water.  Use like the apple cider vinegar rinse after the no poo routine.

Stinging Nettles: Helps prevent dandruff in hair and also helps condition the hair.  I buy stinging nettles in bulk from my health food store.

Witch Hazel: Good for oily hair, and acts as an astringent (for your face as well!).  You can find witch hazel in the pharmacy section of the grocery store.

Have you tried No Poo?

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11 thoughts on “No Poo Questions and Update

  1. Becky R says:

    I have tried it. I have long hair. It works, but can be a bit annoying since the mixture is not like shampoo.
    Now I have an organic biodegradable shampoo, when I run out I will go back to the no poo method.


  2. Lisa says:

    I might be willing to try the “cowash” method that Sandy mentioned. But I can’t see myself standing next to someone in the supermarket checkout line, with my hair smelling like vinegar and cinnamon sticks – LOL! But seriously, I haven’t tried it, so I shouldn’t knock it until I have! :o)


    Heather Reply:

    It doesn’t make your hair smell like vinegar. The vinegar smells like itself in the shower, but the scent is 100% undetectable once you’re out of the shower.


  3. Kansas Leigh says:

    I’ve been doing the no-poo thing for a little over three weeks now. I have to say, my hair feels really gross. It’s very weighed down, and has a thick oily texture to it. I’m waiting for these ‘great results’ that everyone has been raving about, and am determined to stick it out. I have been using the baking soda shampoo with the a.c vinegar rinse, and usually do this every other day. Does anybody have any tips? Because my hair is telling me that I’m doing something wrong :S


    Bree Reply:

    I had the EXACT same thing happen — super greasy, weighed down for the last three weeks. I was telling my friends (who had great results with their switch) that my hair was like what you feel on an old barbie doll — gross. I almost quit.

    Well, I had been using *organic* baking soda. Then one morning I thought about trying the regular arm-and-hammer stuff, and it was a miracle of cleanliness 🙂 My hair now feels awesome even after three days of no washing! I have not read about this organic/non-organic thing anywhere but it was totally what was wrong for me.

    Also, I don’t pour vinegar over my whole head, just the ends — that could be part of the issue for you too.

    My dilemma now is searching for some kind of natural way to make my curly hair look like curls not wild waves. It’s not frizzy anymore but sure out of control for me. Anyway, that’s how I ended up seeing your comment here. It was just too coincidental and I had to respond.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Bree says:

    Do you know of any natural curl enhancers for those of use not using shampoo? I used to use a frizz-control pomade type of stuff and then lots of mousse. Now I don’t know what to put on it so that I don’t ruin all the natural oils and stuff. Ideas anyone??


  5. Kate says:

    A friend of mine used to mist/spray home-made seasalt water on her hair after it was dry to enhance the slight curl in her hair, and it worked magic for her…


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