No More Bugs Bunnies!


rabbit.PNGImagine my surprise when I went out to check my garden after I got home from work and discovered that some of my new green bean plants have been eaten! Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.  While I am a huge animal lover, I am not a fan of my garden being eaten.  Not one bit.  So I decided I’d try to beat the rain and make a trip up to Home Depot to buy some stakes to put leftover chicken wire on to keep the rascals out.

I purchased 10 stakes plus ties.  It cost me $20.  When I got home, I ran around looking for the hammer.  After I found it, I pounded some stakes in the corners of the boxes, attached some of the chicken wire plus this green mesh netting thing around the green bean bed and tied it to the stakes.  That ought to hold for a few days until I can get more blood meal or whatever it is that deters rabbits.  I’m half tempted to leave my dogs out in the yard permanently now.

Not only am I angry that these darn rabbits are eating my plants, but now I’m aggravated I had to spend money to keep them out!  Mr. Money suggested we get some plastic snakes to put out in the garden, and that may be another option.

Anyone hungry for rabbit? 

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6 thoughts on “No More Bugs Bunnies!

  1. cavewoman says:

    The fence will be helpful.

    It may be a bit of expense at first, but it will be worth it long term.

    If you move, you can take your fence materials with you and always use them.

    Anything to save the veggies! Your food savings will ultimately make up for what you spent for the fence.

    On the upside—-it’s a good sign that you have rabbits in your area. That means some good things are going on in that habitat. ( Or—as an old professor used to say….”rabitat.”) By using the fence, you and the bunnies will be happy.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    That is a good point! The fence material is definitely movable. I’m taking it with me if we move!

    That’s what I was thinking- the food savings is worth it. The fence will last for quite awhile.

    Funny point- on Friday when I got home the rabbit was in front of our shed staring at me! Good thing he was quick is all I’m going to say. 🙂


  2. Miss M says:

    Oh no, we have hawks patrolling the hill that must keep any rabbits away. I just saw a squirrel this morning and they are rare here too. I have bug and disease issues with my garden so I definitely feel your pain. Keep the materials for future years, that will help with the cost. We have an amazing supply of pots, cages, netting etc after a few years of gardening.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Ugh bug and disease issues suck! I am so sorry 🙁 We’ll have to reuse our fence next year too.


  3. TheOrganicSister says:

    Oh that sucks. Thankfully we don’t have many critters around here, except for a stray cat or two. We have made fences but it was to brace our tomatoes against the wind. We used sticks that came from our tree trimming earlier in the year and some metal garden fencing we scored of Freecycle. If only I had more time to watch Freecycle! I hate when I can find what I need when I need it and have to actually *buy* it. blech



    Mrs Money Reply:

    The worst part was having to go pay $20+ to buy new fence and posts. That’s what I was so frustrated about. Plus the new seedlings were so cute and doing so well. The bunnies should have just left them alone!


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