Natural Frugal Sunburn Remedies


This past weekend Mr. Money and I attended a baseball game.  It was my first time attending a major league baseball game, and I guess I was just being clueless when I went because I neglected to take or wear sunscreen.  Um, I am now really sunburn still, almost 5 days later.  We got home late from the game and I didn’t want to go out again and get stuff for my sunburn, so I decided I would make do with some things around the house to help soothe my sunburn naturally. Here are some of the natural sunburn remedies I use:

Aloe. Aloe is a great plant to keep around the house.  It is good for cuts, burns, and helps heal skin.  The aloe plant is pretty hard to kill so if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still grow one.  I just take a leaf off the plant, roll it around between my fingers to loosen the juices, and then apply the aloe vera juice for instant comfort and no chemicals.  It’s lovely.

Vinegar. I know it sounds gross, and you may hate the smell, but it really does work!  I take a washcloth, dip it in vinegar, and lightly dab that on my skin.  I don’t know how it works, but it does.  On Monday when I went to work I had forgotten my aloe vera lotion at home, so I used some vinegar.  In a couple minutes the smell had dissipated so I wouldn’t scare any customers away!

Cool washcloths.  If you are at home, rinsing and reusing cool washcloths is a great way to keep your skin feeling cool.  I also add a little coconut oil to help keep the skin hydrated.

Drink lots of water!  If you are dehydrated, you are going to be even more miserable.  Being dehydrated can cause headaches, which is not fun when you’re sunburnt.

How do you treat your sunburn naturally and frugally?

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4 thoughts on “Natural Frugal Sunburn Remedies

  1. cavewoman says:

    In the past, I’ve used aloe and had good results with it. Especially if I put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before use. The cooling effect is pleasant.

    However, A friend of mine who has a cottage industry herbal shop, makes THE BEST anti-sunburn stuff I’ve ever used. Her materials are all natural, as well.

    It isn’t cheap or frugal—-but it is sustainably produced, and it does really work.

    Added awesome bonus is her containers are re-usable—-so if you ship them to her she will refill them, so less product waste.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    That is awesome! I am totally into spending more money if the company is organic, all natural, sustainable, etc. Thanks for the link!


  2. Tegan says:

    Tomatoes – Cut them in half, or even thirds, and rub the moist flesh over the sunburn. I think it’s something to do with the acids in the tomato that help ease the discomfort (although acid doesn’t really sound pleasant..).

    Sunscreen is another good remedy. Because most of them are greasy, they are great at re-moisturising the skin after you’ve been in the sun, and I rarely peel if apply sunscreen for a couple of days post-burn.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Wow! I’d never heard of using a tomato like that! How awesome!

    I am just now to the peeling stage… fun!


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