Keeper Review- Keeper Menstrual Cup Review Moon Cup Review


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In April, I wrote a post about alternative menstrual products and mentioned The Keeper menstrual cup. From that post, the director of marketing left a comment.  I emailed her back, and we wound up chatting and she graciously offered me a Keeper to try.  I had told her I had used the Diva Cup before and was not 100% satisfied and would love to see how the Keeper works.  I’m glad I did.

Before I went on vacation, I received a very small package in my mailbox from Julia at The Keeper. As I opened it up, I was impressed that there was no extra packaging, just the Keeper itself, a cute little pouch, some literature, and a note from Julia.  Everything was recycled except for the Keeper.  I was impressed.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when I order some green product and it arrives in a huge package with tons of bubble wrap and plastic.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Keeper company lives out the true meaning of green.

One of the biggest differences of the Keeper versus the Diva Cup that I spotted right away was the brown coloring. The Keeper is made from natural gum rubber (latex) and the Diva cup is all silicone.  I guess I felt like the Keeper is more “green” using natural gum rubber.  When it came time to use the Keeper, I inserted it just like I did the Diva Cup, but it was much easier.  The Keeper has a nice long stem (which I’ve heard some women will trim) and I really liked that because it gave me something to use to remove it, plus I didn’t have to worry about it getting lost.  Of course that’s not a possibility, but it’s still a fear that some women have.

The Keeper never leaked, I couldn’t feel it, and it made my period such a nicer time! I feel great knowing I’m not going to get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and that I am keeping many disposable pads and tampons out of our landfills and sewer treatment plants.  Also, I’m not sticking dioxins and other toxic substances into one of the most delicate parts of my body.

If you haven’t tried a reusable menstrual cup, I think you should! And to do that, The Keeper has graciously offered to give one away.  Check out my review blog for more details!

*This is not a paid, sponsored post.  These are my actual opinions and thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Keeper Review- Keeper Menstrual Cup Review Moon Cup Review

  1. Mrs Money says:

    @ FB- I think it is more comfortable than the Diva cup. I really do like the longer stem especially. I didn’t trim mine and it is fabulous!


  2. Elizabby says:

    “Natural gum rubber” sounds nice, but don’t forget that this is LATEX and may be a problem for people with allergies. It is also possible (and quite common) to develop a latex allergy over time with recurrent exposure. So if you are an “allergic” or “sensitive skin” person you would be better advised to avoid latex rubber and go for medical grade silicone.

    Personally, I have a Green LadyCup and that is both lovely and green and lovely for my body! Menstrual cups rock!!


  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying a menstrual cup for a while now. I have used re-usable cotton pads, but they can be bulky and uncomfortable, and are not exactly easy to wear under some clothes. I have reluctantly been using tampons when pads are not possible, and would like to make a change. I would much rather have an environmentally sound way to handle menstrual flow, not a disposable one. I have been reluctant to try a menstrual cup up until now, but I am tired of supporting a product I don’t really believe in, month in and month out, and am ready to try a menstrual cup.


  4. kumquat1114 says:

    This is my first month using The Keeper (I have it in right now). While I don’t like that my hand gets bloody inserting it, I think about all the waste I am saving. I cannot even feel it and it hasn’t leaked so far. Pretty good deal!


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