My Personal Debt Reduction- updated!

Posted by Mrs Money on March 16th, 2008


Personally I love when people post their debt reduction and savings plans. I am updating my debt reduction this morning. I decided to take some money out of savings and pay on our student loan debt. I’ve also consolidated it at a much much lower interest rate. The personal peace of mind is priceless to me, so I decided it was worth it. We do still have a nice “cushion” in our savings account, but now that our student loan balance is down to a more comfortable level and I know we aren’t getting eaten alive in interest, I’m going to start saving more money for our emergency fund, a new car, and also for retirement. I’m proud to say we are under the $10,000 mark, and I hope to get under the $5,000 mark by the end of this year. I’m going to take half the money I make online and put towards this debt, and the other half I will put in savings. I can’t wait to get this paid off!

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