My May earnings… not as Fruitful as I’d hoped!


fruti.jpgWell… May wasn’t as fruitful as I had hoped. I only made 20.80 online, with ExpoTv contributing 3.70 (and I didn’t do ANY videos!), associated content 2.10, and pinecone research 15.00. I didn’t do Cash Crate, this month because I just didn’t have time.  I did start working from home part time, but that isn’t going to be a ton of extra money, just something to do that gives me a little extra cash.

Here are my financial goals for June:

  • I’m going to have a garage sale to sell off some items that I’ve been holding on to that I’m not using and are just taking up space. I hate clutter! Hopefully I’lll make a little extra cash that I can either throw in savings or use to pay off debt.
  • Also, I’ve got some things I need to list on ebay and I just need to quit being lazy and list them! I’ve also started something on the side that is really fun and will pay me a little money at the same time too. I’ll write more about that later.
  • Get my budget in line with where it needs to be- and stick with it!

What do you do to make extra “snowflake” money?

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