My First Q & A!


Happy Fourth of July!

 I’ve gotten a couple of emails with some questions and I thought I’d answer them here on my blog as well.  Here’s your chance to ask me the questions that have been burning in your mind.  Leave a comment on this post or email me at if you have your own question for me!   

This is from Laura: 

I have a question for you. Do you ever mess up with being green? It seems like you do a lot of things, hang dry all your laundry, use cloth toilet paper, reusable menstrual products, etc. What are some un-green things that you do? You can’t be perfect all the time.

Well… of course I mess up with being green sometimes!  A few things that I do at home that make me feel “green guilt” are: using plastic storage containers, use the vacuum to sweep my hardwood and tile floors, and sometimes I leave lights on in rooms that are not occupied (or I leave the Wii on and drive my husband crazy!).  The reason I try to lead a green life is not because I think I can save the world myself but because I feel good knowing I am a good steward to this planet we live on.  I can sleep at night knowing I am doing everything I can to live my life and feel good about it. 

What are some of your hobbies? It seems like you don’t go out and do much. What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I have quite a few hobbies.  One of my flaws is that I try to do all sorts of things and try to be good at many things. I knit, crochet, do photography, play Wii, garden, play with my dogs, read, and make soap.  Those are just a few of the things I like to in my spare time.  None of them are really expensive, but all are fun and a good creative outlet for me.  My husband thinks I need to focus in on one hobby, but what fun is that? 🙂

This next question is from Jim:

I’m trying to figure this out. You used to live in Colorado and you moved across country five years ago and you really want to go back? Why don’t you just do it? Life is too short for regrets.

Ahh, Jim.  I wish I could do this.  My husband wants to move back desperately in a few years.  Maybe we will, who knows.  The reason we are staying where we are right now is because we have a house, we both have good paying jobs, and we’re only 5 hours from my parents.  If we moved back to Colorado, we’d be 24 hours (roughly) from my parents.  When we have kids I’d like to have my parents close by so that if I want to make a road trip I can.  I’ve thought about moving up to Michigan but I don’t think that’s the best plan for right now.  My dad has 70 acres of farmland we could build an eco-friendly house on, and that’s one of my dreams right now.  I’d love to be as self sufficient as possible. 

 That was fun!  If you’d like to ask me a question, please feel free to!  I’ll answer pretty much any question. 

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