Most common mistakes committed by the rookie traders


Making mistakes in any new profession is a very common problem. You might be a new trader but this doesn’t mean you will make the same mistake repeatedly. Many rookie traders in Singapore have mastered the art of currency trading by following simple rules of investment business. If you intend to make a profit from this market, you must learn to fix the weakness in your trading system. The new traders don’t know how to fix the issues related to their trading strategy. But there is nothing wrong with it. Read this article very carefully since we will highlight the most common mistakes committed by the rookie traders. After reading this article, you will have a better grip in the trading profession.

The problem of overtrading

Overtrading is one of the key reason for which you are losing money. You don’t have to place random trades in the Forex market to earn more money. A few good trades are enough to ensure your whole month profit. To master the art of trading, you must learn technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis will help you to find the best possible trade setups. On the contrary, the fundamental sections will help you to analyze the strength of a market trend. Once you feel confident in these two sectors, you can easily craft a balanced trading strategy. Stick to your rules and you can easily overcome the problem of overtrading.

Not having enough skills

Many people jump in the real trading industry without having enough knowledge of this market. Being a fulltime trader, you need to understand the term Forex trading Singapore. But there is nothing wrong with it. Develop a strong habit of reading so that you can understand the market much better. Things might seem a little bit challenging at the beginning but once you know the proper way to analyze the market data, you can easily make a profit from this market. Work hard on your skills and you will gradually become better at trading.

Trading against the major trend

If you trade against the major trend, you are most likely to lose money regularly. The trend is your friend. Use the daily time frame to find the overall trend of this market and you will notice a significant change in your trading performance. Things might seem a little bit confusing but if you stick to the details of this market, you can easily master the art of trend trading strategy. Many rookie traders often get biased with trend trading strategy. They always think they can win big trades without having any issues. But the best trade setups often fail in this market. So, be prepared to lose trades even though you will be trading with the major trend.

Ignoring the high impact news

You must have precise knowledge of fundamental analysis or else it will be really hard to make a profit from this market. Learning to trade the market based on fundamental data is not all hard. You can open a demo account with Saxo and understand the impact of major news in the Forex market. Never become frustrated after losing a few trades since it’s a part of this profession. Know about the major news and blend the data with technical parameters. Try to create a balanced trading strategy so that you can easily make a profit at any market condition.

Trading with emotions

Emotions can be dangerous when it comes to the retail trading business. You must understand the fact, emotions have no place in any sort of business. You must rely on hard data and find a decent way to trade the market. Set realistic goals and never break your trading rules. Make sure you are trading the market with high-risk reward ratio so that you can easily overcome the loss. Be smart and learn from your trading mistakes to become successful at Forex trading profession.

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