More Hassles with the Capital One No Hassle Credit Card


57432061.jpgThe other day I wrote about the problems we’d been having with my husband (Mr. Money)’s Capital One Credit Card. The story gets better. On Thursday when he called, he reached a new person (this time an American!) and explained everything to her. She replied that she couldn’t refund the fees or take care of anything because it had been charged off and gone to collections. What?? She informed him that she could transfer him to someone that could take care of the fees and close the card. He told her he would very much like that, and please transfer him.

He waits on hold for a few minutes, gets transferred to a gentleman (another American), Mr. Money explains the situation to him, and then the customer service representative informs him that he cannot do anything for him either but he’ll transfer him again. So he gets put on hold- again- and then after a few minutes gets hung up on.

He calls back again and talks to someone who now tells him that to refund the fees they will have to close the card. I ask him to make sure that they aren’t charging it off, and then just close it already. She transfers him again (like you couldn’t have guessed that!) and the final lady takes care of everything and tells him to call back after May 3rd to make sure it’s been closed and taken off his credit report.

Needless to say, he called back yesterday to cancel his other card, which had a 4.99% interest rate. It was hard to close it, since he’s had both open for around 5 years, but we the benefits outweighed the odds of getting good customer service. It is amazing how horrible their customer service is. Thankfully we are now done with them and won’t have to worry about it any more.

Lesson learned: Don’t get a Capital One Credit Card!!

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