Money is Worthless


Last Monday my father had a hernia operation.  While the surgery itself went well, afterward he experienced some bleeding and developed a hematoma in the incision site.  He has a blood clotting disorder (Protein S deficiency) and is on Coumadin and other drugs that probably contributed to the hematoma.  Last night he had surgery to help drain the blood and get him back on the road to recovery.  The whole day yesterday I spent worried sick about my dad.  The thought of losing him just shattered me.  I would have given all the money I had just to make sure he would be okay.

Money is worthless.  Money can’t keep us warm, it can’t buy love, we can’t eat it to keep us nourished, and sometimes it causes more problems than anything else.  I think about saving money for the future.  I struggle with thinking I don’t have enough money for everything I’ll need in life, and I need to realize that’s okay.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  Money will come and go.

I read something the other day that really hit home.  Everything is perfect and exactly how it should be.  While this seems like such a simple statement, it has really spoken to me.  Instead of worrying about things, I need to embrace them and realize that life is just how it’s meant to be right now.  Even when the situation is not ideal, it’s meant to be.

Every day we are gifted with 24 hours.  How we spend those hours is up to us.  We can’t save them for the future; they must be spent. Time is more valuable than money.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to make you really figure out what’s important.  I am very thankful to have extra time to spend with my dad, and I won’t take that for granted.

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15 thoughts on “Money is Worthless

  1. Tim @ Faith and Finance says:

    Thanks for sharing this today. This quote really stuck out to me: Life is a journey, not a destination. Money will come and go.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the constant struggle to provide financially for your family, but it’s much more important to invest your time with them. We only get so much time!


  2. Ramona says:

    I do agree with you. PARTIALLY. Because I know how it is to have someone you love in danger. I actually know how it is to LOSE someone you care. And how it is to have no money and be forced to borrow from friends to pay some of the medical stuff. And, since it’s useless, the man died, to use the money to pay a part of the funeral costs.

    NEVER SAY MONEY IS WORTHLESS. It is not. Money helps you stay healthy, well fed and live decently. I know what poverty is and having money or not having money are two very separate things. We were very poor when I was a teenager and, even if we always were a good family, it had a huge toll on us. The moment we were able to live better, it was already something else.

    Imagine not having the money for your loved one to receive medical attention. Imagine not having money for the medication. God forbid. Money is not happiness, but it surely solves a lot of stuff 🙂

    Anyway, I wish your dad an easy and fast recovery. And a lot of health 🙂


  3. Robyn @ Frugal 'n' Fit! says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad! Best wishes to you all.

    I love the statement “everything is perfect exactly as it is”. I first read that in a book about Buddhism many years ago. It took me awhile to fully understand what it means, but once I did it was so liberating. How many people accept this day exactly as it is, without wishing for anything else? Not many, I don’t think, which is a shame.


  4. LifeAndMyFinances says:

    I have to remind myself of this quite often. Sometimes I can get so focused on getting out of debt that I forget to have fun along the way. My wife and I are in the journey together, and we’re still having a good time (thanks to her).

    I still do have the opinion that being free from debt will certainly allow me to live life with less worries. And, a little less worry can be good for anyone.


  5. Sharon Warden says:

    I too read a Buddhist “ism”. Live as if the glass is broken. Which means that nothing is permanent in your life, so enjoy it in the moment while you have it with you — enjoy your money by sharing, spending it, enjoy your family by loving them, being pleasant, enjoy time, etc., because later if not sooner it will all be taken away –your health, your ambulation, maybe your sight, your hearing, your loved ones will die and finally our own time. It is a field-leveling thought. That is the way of life. Accept it, don’t fight it or analyze it but live it and enjoy. And remember if you are broke and someone wants to give you money or product, don’t be too proud to accept. Remember they get a blessing from giving and if you won’t take, you will be denying them their blessing! All because of your pride. You will have chances to repay, maybe not them specifically but in your life, if you look for the chances.


  6. eemusings says:

    As PF bloggers sometimes we get too absorbed in saving, saving, saving. But nothing is more important than people. (Gotta agree with Ramona though – money is not totally worthless; it would be much worse if you had no money for healthcare, although we get the point you’re making!) All the best with his recovery.


  7. liz says:

    “All is well, always.”

    You are exactly right about money – and I am an allower of the Universe and it’s eternal well being. Your father is lucky to have you…

    I pray for a quick recovery…


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