Teen Mom on MTV and Money


Teen Mom is a show on MTV that airs on Tuesday nights at 10PM.

It’s a reality show that follows four ‘teen moms’: Catelynn, Maci, Amber, and Farrah.  The young women were originally part of “16 and Pregnant”, another reality show that is exactly what it sounds like: pregnant 16 year old young women.  Both Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are like train wrecks: you can’t help but watch because it’s so messed up.  I know I’m addicted, and the majority of my friends are also.  There are some good lessons to be learned from the show (don’t get pregnant until you can completely be responsible for a baby), and I’ve decided to highlight what I’ve observed about money and Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah’s worst money experience is when Farrah gets scammed on Craigslist.  On Episode 5, Farrah decides she’s going to sell her Dodge Neon on Craigslist.  She lists it, and lo and behold, someone buys it the next day! They send her a check in the mail with more than enough funds to cover the car plus shipping, plus some extra money for her trouble.  She Western Unions the money to the buyer, and all is well.  Until a few days later when her banker calls to tell her that dun dun dun… the check was fraudulent and bounced.  Now Farrah’s out like $3,000 and overdrawn in her bank account. Ouch.

Amber Portwood

It seems as if Amber and Gary don’t care about money because neither of them are employed.  One good money move they are making is to not get married.  Of course, that changes during every episode, but more likely than not, they won’t get married.  They will not only save money, but they will probably also save each others’ lives.

Maci Bookout

Maci appears smart with her money- she attends a community college in Chattanooga and then transfers to another community college in Nashville.  Of course, when she decides to move from Chattanooga to Nashville, her expenses increase as she moves from her parents’ house into her own apartment.

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn and Tyler seem to be pretty responsible with money.  Both live with their own respective parents (coincidentally Catelynn’s mom is with Tyler’s dad) and attend a public high school.  They placed their daughter for adoption in hopes of a better life for her.  They believe they couldn’t have provided adequately for her, as they still hadn’t graduated high school. I think they made an awesome decision in placing their little girl with adoptive parents.  Although they miss their daughter terribly at times, Catelynn and Tyler seem to not regret their decision.

Raising a child is expensive, and it’s even harder when you’re a teen mom.  Going to school, paying for living expenses, and raising a child all cost money.  I can’t even imagine being a teen mom, but these girls seem to make it all work somehow.  It’s interesting to see the vast differences in money management between the young women.  Some of them handle money better than others, and some seem to not care at all about money.

Do you watch Teen Mom? Have you ever thought about their money situations?

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14 thoughts on “Teen Mom on MTV and Money

  1. Money Beagle says:

    My wife watches it and I’ll occasionally be in the room reading or something when she has it on. I think it’s an absolute train wreck and the part that kills me is how the one couple fights all the time in front of their little girl, I think it’s Amber & Gary. That makes me sick because you know that little girl is being affected by that and not in a good way. I don’t really think MTV is doing anybody any favors exploiting the problems and troubles that these people are going through, but I guess it generates ratings and a lot of buzz, so on it goes.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Money Beagle- It is Amber and Gary! I have heard that Amber is being investigated from child protective services in Indiana and for domestic abuse. It’s so sad 🙁 I feel bad for Leah, their daughter.

    It was funny because after Amber was beating up Gary last episode- they would show this commercial “If you or someone you know has been a victim of domestic violence, call…”


  2. Kasey says:

    I love that show, although I hate to admit it. I started watching with 16 and Pregnant and kept watching.

    They get some money from the show, I don’t know how much, so I assume that’s why Amber and Gary don’t work. Ryan gets some money too, so I think Amber and Gary probably both do.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kasey- I’m right there with you! I wonder how much they make from the show.


  3. AJ says:

    Yes, this show is a guilty pleasure of mine. Amber and Gary really tick me off. Too much abuse going on in front of their daughter AND cameras, imagine what it’s like off camera with those two! The domestic violence psa’s after every Amber/Gary segment makes me lol though – so sad.

    Farrah is too naive. Maci is semi-responsible, we’ll see how this move works out. I think she “comes from money” though, so finances aren’t a struggle for her (or so it seems). Caitlyn and Tyler….good kids in a bad environment. Caitlyn’s mother is insanely abusive. 🙁

    I think Farrah and Maci have financial support from their families. Amber seems to be on her own with government assistance – she uses “getting her GED” as an excuse to not work (and even quit her previous jobs). Caitlyn and Tyler, well I don’t know, the show doesn’t focus on their financial struggles as much as emotional.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    AJ- I agree! I can’t believe the way Amber acts in FRONT of the cameras! I’d be so embarrassed. HAHA! I agree- the domestic violence psas after it made me lol too!

    Catelynn’s mom makes me so sad 🙁 I wish she wasn’t so mean to Catelynn. She’s a good kid. Tyler too. I cried so hard when they gave Carly up for adoption. It was such a blessing to that family.

    I hope everything works out with Maci’s move! Farrah will probably move back to her mom’s rental.

    Farrah and Maci seem to have come from families that have money. Your comment about Amber and her GED made me lol!


  4. Saving Her Life says:

    I love this show, I hate to admit it.

    Amber and Gary have a very volatile relationship; I feel for their daughter, Leah. Farrah strikes me as the type that often feels that things should be given to her, rather than working for what she has. I give her credit for raising her daughter on her own, but her attitude sucks. Caitlynn and Maci, I think, are the smartest girls on the show.

    I love this show because I think it does give a good representation of how difficult it is to raise a child, especially if you’re still in high school or freshly graduated. I’m about to turn 25 and am terrified of the commitment of children.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    SHL- I love it too. My husband hates it!

    I think Catelynn and Maci are the sweetest too. I love Maci’s accent. I feel bad for Leah too.

    LOL it makes me worried too! I hope that teenagers watch this show and see how hard it is. I wish they would focus more on how hard it is financially sometimes!


    Saving Her Life Reply:

    Exactly! No matter what anyone says, babies are expensive simply because there is an extra mouth to feed. An extra mouth = extra expenses. Clearly, I’m not ready to have children because having to pay for an extra mouth has absolutely NO appeal to me. 🙂


  5. Becky R says:

    I do not watch this show. I don’t pay for cable and do not get any channels. We only use our tv to watch dvds.

    I was a teen mom, so I guess I am over that drama. I still am a single mom and know how hard the struggle is.

    I think it is sad that the network is making a profit off the struggles of these young woman and babies.

    But if people are watching then the show will go on.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Becky R- The show is meant to show teenagers how hard it is to raise a baby young. It’s really interesting, and there are a lot of people who watch it now. You should check it out on mtv.com sometime if you get a chance. 🙂


  6. PHOENIX-FORCE says:

    Becky R-

    You won’t pay for cable yet you will blow money on DVD’s you will watch once….maybe twice? I am perplexed, are you like 15 & can’t afford cable, no wait you can get dvd’s which are NOT cheap. Why is it that you don’t pay for cable? I am not being rude it is just odd unless it is another reason like a stance against big business but then you pay for dvd’s (same people end up with the $$$) I dunno… LOL. You can get like Basic cable 30 channels for 9$ a month and extended basic 70 channels for 15$ a month. It is the premium HBO, Showtime Cinamax PPV on demand etc that cost a lot…..


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